Miss You

Miss You

i miss you when i scream loud,
and there is no one to hear..

i miss you when i cry whole night,

and there is no one to wipe my tears…

i miss you when i blabber like a fool,

and there is no one to appreciate

i miss you when i cross the road

and there is no one to hold my hand

i miss u when everything around me is going wrong….

and there is no one to say “its all right ” n keep things cool…


i miss your hie’s, i miss your bye’s…

i miss the tears in you eyes when your saw me cry…

i miss your hugs,i miss your kiss and there are much more things i’ll miss…

i miss u, i miss me .. but i miss d “US” more..

P.S. my heart aches 4 you in this lonely night

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Nitya Nair

She has a hobby of writing down things on paper and sometimes in M S word whenever she feels happy or sad… and she has a dream to write a novel, but only after she is good at it..so here is an approach to correct herself by writing here and getting comments and constructive criticism from people

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nyc 1 dear.. hrt-tuching.. 🙂

keep writing, its really ossum 🙂 “miss us”, totally moved 🙂

its really ossum, keep writing 🙂 “miss us”, totally moved 🙂

thnx umaa…….. 🙂 🙂

Sharmistha Chakraborty

its really gud, do kep writing!!!!

superb nits!!

luvd it……..

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