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Hello Mileans 😀 It has been very long that you have heard from us. It is we, Thousand Miles, back again after exactly 2 years where we left. We were not dead, we were just hibernating. This ‘come back’ issue means a lot to us. There were several tie-ups following the come-back this year. We have associated with Pragyan’17 (NIT Trichy), Composit’17 (IIT Kharagpur) and Udghosh’17(ITS Engineering College) and many more on the pipe line. We are their official online media partners this year exclusively. We are doing possibly everything to provide you all a good content and infotainment overall. We are stretching our arms to grow more and more and to associate with each individual and organizations so that Read more

Hi Readers! We are very pleased to bring to you the second issue of Thousand Miles in a new avatar.We hope the new look appeals to your tastes. Furthermore,we are happy to announce  that some new travelers have joined us in this journey. In this issue we have tried to bring to you variety and freshness- a fresh aroma which you can smell after the monsoonal rain washes away the dust and dirt from the leaves of trees and the myriad floral designs that graces our milieu. The aesthetic pleasure of a bird bathing in the drops of the rain falling from your roof-top. A soothing vibe of purity! Yes…the monsoons are here-a boon in the sweltering heat of the summer season. We Read more