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We, the Indians have various culture throughout the country from east to west and from North to south. The variation in culture is what makes our country a diverse one. One such region is Assam. The paradise which is not explored much. Having said that, the thing that will steal your eyes and mind is the beauty of the beautiful and rich heritage girls and women of this culture. Here, I find 10 go-to reasons that I think stands a-top. 😀 1- The beauty of Assamese Attire- Mekhela Chador.                                       You will die thousand deaths if such conditions prevail to get a Read more

Well you are here, that’s very good for you I think. You have to, because you have thought to lead your own life better by knowing your girl. I am not any perfect philosopher or a psychiatrist but I want to help you about the same from what I have experienced in my own life and most importantly what you needed. You may be very possessive about your girl, or you have full faith on her or you love her more than anything else in this entire mortal zenith.  But dear friend believe me though you know your girl better than anyone else there is something you don’t know or you ignored what she had already signaled you because you Read more