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Being a soul, be a man

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Soul embodies man, A real man! An unlike wish begot! As the holy soul turns evil Frustrating the inner man. Earthquake whimpers with every human do’s. Try rejoice, ghosh! Throat cut of holiness rises. Satanic verses uphold in ones Demolishing the greenwood- The motherland. Meadows resemble the colour of battle field, Sucking the heart-blood of motherland. It’s not fair, Soul embodies man, A real man. Raises the voice For harmony, peace, love For the fellow country-men Being a soul, Be a man Be a real man! Original Work By: Mala Sharma      

If only you could see what is in my heart, May be then you won’t have torn it apart. With a resounding echo memories surface from the past, May be you and I were never meant to last. But, what about these emotions? Why do they feel so right? Why must you fill my thoughts every single night? I try to turn away; I try so hard to hide; But the further I went away, the more a part of me died. Now I am without an answer – I have not even a clue, Of what else I can do to stop myself falling again for you. I look at my life and connect the dots of pain; Pain! Read more