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Editorial (Spring-fall Issue)

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[pullquote_left]A thousands light years back, when the agenda of the planet earth was prepared, THE CREATOR wrote about an e-magazine to be published on the midnight of 24th April last year, “THOUSAND MILES”. And today we completed a year and envisage continuing the journey till the end. Well, this was all about the discovery of the team of THOUSAND MILES.[/pullquote_left] [box_dark]For the last couple of month since we were born experience and experimenting was the major part that beautifully expanded our relationships and bonding with the readers. The main aim and objectives of Thousand Miles are to find new talents, share their feelings to the world and to form a platform as an media to expand the creativity of the Read more

Fashion Column (Spring issue)

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Hello Fashion addicts! This is my first feature in Thousand Miles . Well, here’s my intro : My name is Namrata and I am a Fashion ADDICT! Winter’s gone …… Okay, almost gone. The blazers, pop mittens, trenches all go back in the old closet .They are all gone. The new spring-summer closet is all about Fun, pastels, Florals and free spiritness. This SS the High waist shorts are a staple! Yes!Believe it or not! You just have to have one . Shorts ain’t gonna work . the world is CALLING for high waist shorts this time. They are a must. You can wear them with a peter pan collared shirt or even a cute lace evening blouse. And don’t Read more

An Interview With Novoneel Chokroborty

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[box_dark]An interview with the author of the “best-seller” book- “A Thing Beyond Forever”[/box_dark] [pullquote_left]Well, Thousand Miles interviewing Mr. Novoneel Chokroborty the author of “A Things Beyond Forever” early in this year, and the first question to him was, [/pullquote_left]“What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel?” Replying to this he explained as “Of all the plots I had in mind when I decided to become a storyteller, the plot line of ‘A Thing Beyond Forever’ excited me the most. Hence I zeroed in on it. Apart from my own non-negotiable excitement I don’t think anything else inspired me to pen my debut novel.” [divider] Thousand Miles then asked him to brief him about his debut novel, and also interrogated Read more

Few Changes-That’s What We Need

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Just the other day I was having this heated discussion with a friend of mine regarding where our country stands in terms of actual development. We talked on for hours arguing how much our country has progressed over the last few decades and in a more than 60 years of independence period. From a possibility of maybe being one of the super powers in future, to a society which might be corruption free…there are a lot of things our country might be able to achieve. Now I am not going on the already developed aspects, because yeah, there is a lot to brag on, but I was wondering about those issues that are neglected, not given proper attention to or Read more

A Motionless Train

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Overcast sky turned into relentless raining. The black clouds touched one another and raindrops kissed the few bogies that were run by a steam engine. All the windows got bathed with the rain drops falling and swinging down the glass. The whole-set got into a gloomy look. So the chilling wind thrashed inside the cabin. One thing dear friends, it was not a motionless train at all; for anyone staying inside the train. Since the train was running too fast, it was just shaking and was making some grumbling sounds. In one of those cabins, there was a sweet and beautiful girl of 18. Her name was Srijona. She loved a boy Avidhan. But friends that boy was not in Read more