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The Devil And The Paralysis

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Why can’t I move? Why can’t I talk? Are these demons with me even when I walk! My breath is out! But how? Am I dying? But why now… I fight to regain control; I fight for freedom… From this un-explained feeling, Holding me still, paralyzing. I dread the time when I have to sleep, For I know the time has come again for the devil to creep, But that’s not my only fear, It’s the windows closed only partially, And the doors just open tantalizingly, That gives me the dreaded ghastly thoughts, That gives me the devilish hallucinations… Fearful images spin as I lay wide awake on my bed, Fearful images made from the darkest corner of my head, Read more

Being a soul, be a man

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Soul embodies man, A real man! An unlike wish begot! As the holy soul turns evil Frustrating the inner man. Earthquake whimpers with every human do’s. Try rejoice, ghosh! Throat cut of holiness rises. Satanic verses uphold in ones Demolishing the greenwood- The motherland. Meadows resemble the colour of battle field, Sucking the heart-blood of motherland. It’s not fair, Soul embodies man, A real man. Raises the voice For harmony, peace, love For the fellow country-men Being a soul, Be a man Be a real man! Original Work By: Mala Sharma