Top 50 Indian English Novels(09-12)- TM List

Top 50 Indian English Novels(09-12)- TM List

This monsoon ‘Thousand Miles’ brings a top 50 list of Indian English novels (09-12) for you specially. The list begins Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020 followed by several other authors and fiction writers. This list is based on the popularity level in India and few votes and decisions of TM editorial team. This monsoon, enjoy your most coolest list and read one by one. The list covers the works of authors from almost all genres. With raining outside and coffee cup in hand, read these books, I am pretty sure you gonna enjoy the fall of summer. Read it and feel it!

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1 – Revolution 2020



ISBN No.8129118807

Price : Rs.140





2 – I too had a love story



ISBN No. 8188575704

Price : Rs. 100





3- A calendar too crowded





ISBN No. 9381523061

Price : Rs. 295



4 – Two states- the story of my marriage.





ISBN No. 8129115301

Price : Rs. 140



5 –  How about a sin tonight?






ISBN No. 8184000316

Price : Rs. 125


6 – Chankya’s Chant.






ISBN No. 9380658672

Price : Rs. 195



7 – Plz.. kiss me or kill me.




ISBN No. 9380349350

Price : Rs.100


8 – It’s always been you.




ISBN No. 8183520944

Price : Rs.125


9 – Immortals of Meluha.






ISBN No. 9380658745

Price : Rs.195


10 – Does he know the heart of a mother?





ISBN No. 935029091X

Price : Rs.599

11 -Now That You’re Rich! Let’s Fall In Love






ISBN No. 8192222640

Price : Rs. 100


12-The Secret of the Nagas.




ISBN No. 9381626340

Price : Rs. 195




13- I have a dream





ISBN No. 9380658389

Price : Rs. 150



14- Ohh Yes, I Am Single! And So Is My Girlfriend!






ISBN No. 8192222616

Price : Rs. 100


15- Tea for two and a piece of cake




ISBN No. 8184002793

Price : Rs. 125


16- Right fit Wrong shoe.




ISBN No. 8129115239

Price : Rs. 140


17- It’s my first love just like the last one.





ISBN No. 8192222667

Price : Rs. 100



18-You were my crush! Till you said you love me!




ISBN No. 8192222675

Price : Rs. 100




19- I’m not twenty four- I have been nineteen for five years.




ISBN No. 8192222624

Price : Rs. 100


20-Stay hungry Stay foolish.





ISBN No. 8190453017

Price : Rs. 125



21- That Hardly Happens to Someone




ISBN No. 8128820087

Price : Rs. 100


22- That kiss in the Rain.




ISBN No. 8188575879

Price : Rs.100


23- Can Love Happen Twice?





ISBN No. 0143417231

Price : Rs. 125



24- If It’s Not Forever, It’s not love.





ISBN No. 9381841037

Price : Rs. 100



25- A lot like love.. A li’l like chocolate.





ISBN No. 9380914113

Price : Rs. 100



26- Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas.






ISBN No. 0143415123

Price : Rs. 150


27- Life is what you make it.





ISBN No. 9380349305

Price : Rs. 100



28- Because you loved me.




ISBN No. 9380349268

Price : Rs. 100


29-The Sunset Club.

ISBN No.0670085197

Price : Rs.399





30- Oops! ‘I’ fell in love




ISBN No.8188575798

Price : Rs. 100


31- Delhi-Mumbai Love Story.





ISBN No.9380349336

Price : Rs.100



32- It’s all about love.



ISBN No.9380349183

Price : Rs. 100



33- Love @ Facebook.



ISBN No. 8122311970

Price : Rs. 150





34- The bride stripped bare.



ISBN No.0007163541

Price : Rs. 350





35- That thing called love.



ISBN No.8129118882

Price : Rs. 140



36- Lucknow Boy.



ISBN No.0670085294

Price : Rs.499



37- Love was never mine.



ISBN No.8122311849

Price : Rs. 150



38- Take One More Chance.





ISBN No.8183520146

Price : Rs. 125



39- The Backbenchers.




ISBN No.8192222691

Price : Rs. 100




40- Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.




ISBN No. 8190453017

Price : Rs. 125




41- Reality Bites.



ISBN No. 9380349374

Price : Rs. 100



42- Lost scraps of love.



ISBN No. 9380349145

Price : Rs. 100



43- Never Let Me go.





ISBN No.9381841006

Price : Rs. 100



44- The Dev- D Syndrome.



ISBN No.9380349398

Price : Rs. 100



45- Few things left unsaid.





ISBN No.9380349367

Price : Rs. 100



46- Anything For You Ma’am.



ISBN No.812911917X

Price : Rs. 140



47- When life tricked me, love kicked me.




ISBN No.9380349428

Price : Rs. 100


48- Heart breaks And Dreams.




ISBN No.9380349084

Price : Rs. 100


49- Oh! Shit Not Again.



ISBN No.8190591908

Price : Rs. 150



50- The things between you and me.

ISBN No.9380349060

Price : Rs. 100

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Meluha is #9. You must be joking? Also, no Khuswant Singh?

i have read a few and looking 4ward 2 d others

Jonathan Reeds

Indians in Pakistan, an action thriller by Vivek Pereira, the author of Rose Gardens and Minefields, on the scourge of terrorism is missing from this list. You can read the preview at and judge how unworthy these other novels are to be ranked before it!

pathan patelkha yusufkha

each and every novel creating the inspiration of life,s every part touches of internal feeling so good luck and should be expansion of everywhere.

Thanks for this inspiring content. I really enjoyed it a lot.
What you have done is pretty inspirational.
This is really inspirational content. I would like to use your style to better my own content on my website.

its incomplete but all are theme of love so its interesting

Each and every book is super &every book touche the heart feeling super books
and one more thing no comments..

Revolution at no.1…Are u Kidding!!!!!…

itz incomplete witout one night @ the call centre

All above books are good but The Perfect Author is my favorite book, It is the one of the best fictional mysterious book if you want to read it then read it online on for free.

All the above Fictions books are good. None of them i read but try to read once.

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