Modern India has shown its remarkable development in all sectors. It has been a country full of talents which can count on its huge number of population or country’s wide diversified culture. From time to time India has set records in all sectors be it in economic growth, industrialization or political development. But apart from the above-mentioned categories, India’s population has indigenous ways to create world records. India has marked its name in Guinness World Record through various tasks performed under tight competitions all over the world. We are just taking few names among the vast talents spreading around the country.

1. Martial arts master crushes 212 walnuts with his hand for a world record – Indian mart

Pic Credit: Kung Fuin Blogspot

ial arts master, Prabhakar Reddy P, has literally smashed a world record having achieved a title for the Most walnuts cr ushed by hand in one minute. A 35-year-old martial art master from Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Reddy showed immense talent by smashing 212 walnuts in 60-second deadline Rows and rows of walnuts were placed neatly on a long wooden table and, according to Guinness World Records, inspected by independent witnesses beforehand to ensure all the walnuts were raw and undamaged. In order to count towards the final tally, the shells of the walnuts had to be smashed into a minimum of two pieces. He had mentioned that the road to set a world record was never easy and required daily extensive practice sessions. He successfully broke the previous record of 210, which was achieved by Pakistan’s serial record-breaker Muhammad Rashid.

Pic Credit: The Hindu

Pic Credit: The Hindu

2. Largest yoga lesson in India – A yoga session participated by 100,984 people which broke all records and has been considered as largest yoga lesson. In honour of international yoga day in RAC Ground in Kota, Rajasthan witness this huge bunch of people doing downward dog and warrior 1 pose for almost 40 minute This massive gathering has been organised by Government of Rajasthan and Patanjali Yogpeeth and District Administration of Kota (All India) with the aim of getting young people into the physical and spiritual practice. About 4,000 volunteers looked after the arrangements at the venue, while drone cameras determined the number of people performing the various asanas. The record-breaking crowd included students staying in Kota to attend coaching classes for medical and engineering competitive examinations. Two Guinness World Record officials, who came from London to monitor the proceedings, gave away the record-making certificate to Ms. Raje, Baba Ramdev, and Kota Collector Gaurav Goyal. This breaks the previous record of yoga, performed by 55,524 people in 2017 in India.

Pic Credit: Guinness World Records

3. A huge T-shirt is made from plastic bottles – The largest T-shirt is made in India using 200,000 recycled plastic bottles which snatch the world record title in January 2018. A Mumbai based company, Plastindia Foundation members wanted to organise a campaign which will demonstrate the value of recycling of the “environment culprit” place. They had sourced 200,000 PET bottles, crushed, processed and fiber to make the T-Shirts 4000 kg cloth. Tailored by 15 tailors assisted by 60 volunteers following the world record guidelines that it should be knitted as original T-shirt took 45 days to complete. They took different warehouses in the town where different parts of the cloth were being prepared because there should have been enough space to lay the cloth. Once it was finished, the green and white top were transported to the cricket ground at Goregaon Sports Club in Mumbai, where 120 volunteers spent three days laying it out and making the final touches. Prior to this, the title was held by Equilibrios Camisetas Promocionais who constructed a 93.2 m (305 ft 9.28 in) long and 62.73 m (205 ft 9.68 in) wide top in Brazil.

Pic Credit: Hindustan Times

4. Indian artist builds a massive sandcastle – In Puri, Odisha beach art has shown a great art when M Sudarshan build a 48-foot sandcastle totally made of sand, ditching the traditional way of using a plastic cup for such castles. Amazingly, the whole sculpture was made by hand which has a massive base of 530 ft. and height of 48.8 ft. Mr. Sudarshan had been assisted by his 45 students from his institute who took nine days to pile up these bundle of sand and craving the sculpture. Based on the theme of ‘World Peace ‘the sculpture consisted of motifs of animals, people, and many other art forms. the sand artist has broken the previous record of a 13.97 m (45 ft 10.25 in) tall sandcastle, created by Ted Siebert (USA) of the Sand Sculpture Company and a crew of 19 on behalf of Turkish Airlines, in Virginia Key Beach, Miami, Florida, USA, back in 2015.

Pic Credit: Guinness World Records

5. The largest tug of war held in India – Showing India’s love for sports, in 2016 Gujarat, as part of the city’s Annual Sports Festival ‘Khel Mahakumbh’, World’s largest tug of war tournament was organised by District Administration Bharuch (India), as well as Chief Minister Smt Anandiben Patel, Manish Bharadwaj IAS from the Secretary of Government of Gujarat – Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities Department, and Dr Vikrant Pandey. A huge participation of 4,672 people from all over the town took part and created an overwhelming environment. Carrying a message of how active participation can make a nation healthier and happier, this unusual sport broke the previous record of 1,574 players (achieved by Phi Kappa Psi and Zeta Tau Alpha at RIT in New York, the USA in 2012) by a staggering 3,098 people.

Pic Credit: Guinness World Records

6. India’s boy limbo skating sensation created a new world record – An eight-year-old child from India is consistent with breaking his own world records in limbo skating. Tiluck Keisam has broken his own record for the farthest distance limbo skating under bars, after propelling himself a jaw-dropping 145 meters (475 ft 7 in) beneath poles just 30 cm high. He has already won many titles within the country. He can easily lower himself and split on his roller skates and can easily pass under a line of cars. Tiluck Keisam has broken his own record for the Farthest distance limbo skating under bars, after propelling himself a jaw-dropping 145 meters (475 ft 7 in) beneath poles just 30 cm high.

Pic Credit: Ajay Verma/ Barcroft/ Dailymail UK

7. The tallest turban in the world – Avtar Singh Mauni, a 60-year-old resident of Patiala, is on the verge of a world record courtesy his100-pound turban. When unwrapped, Mr Mauni claims, it stretches to 645 metres – almost the same length as 13 Olympic-sized swimming poo It took 6 hours for this length of cloth to wrap around his head. Mauni didn’t always wear this turban, he gradually started putting more clothes in his turban which resulted in this gigantic turban. He has to travel by his motorbike as this is the only transport which can accommodate his huge turban.

Pic Credit: Yash Razz/ Hill Post

8. Folk dance of Kullu (Himachal) – In 2015, during Kullu Dussera festival , 10,000 men and 10,000 women took part in the traditional ‘nati’ dance wearing their traditional attire. With a message of ‘Beti hai anmol’ this huge dance show has got world record certificate which lasted about an hour. This certificate was happened due to the great enthusiasm and consistent rehearsal of the participants for days. Dancers clad in traditional dresses dance along with the procession, on the tunes of musical instruments such as Narsingha, Karnal, Shehnai, Dhol, and Nagara. The similar folk dance was performed last year (2014) also in which 8,600 dancers participated which came under Limca world records.

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9. World’s Longest Moustache – A resident of Jaipur, holds the world record of having the longest moustache with a length of 18 feet Ram Singh Chauhan , has kept the moustache since 1970 and he has to spend two hours for its grooming. But he can only wash it once fortnight. He got the certificate in 2010 and till now unbeaten in his record. His dedication towards keeping his moustache shows when he spends time for oiling it and putting natural hair packs for its growth. Ram Singh enjoys people admiration due to his moustache and he planned to keep it this way for lifelong. His moustache proves a Hindi saying called ‘ Mooch nahi toh kuch nahi’.

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10. World’s Heaviest Khichdi – India has created a record in the world record in its food preparation too. India’s capital and well termed as India’s food capital marked its name in history by making largest khichdi dish weighted 918 kg in 2017. A team of 50 people led by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor and NGO Akshaya Patra supervised the night-long preparations and yoga guru Ramdev Baba put crowning ‘tadka’ in the dish at the World India Food event in Nov , 2017. In a giant wok weighted around 1200 kg , the dish was prepared in the traditional way using multi grain lentils, rice, vegetables etc. The khichdi later distributed to orphans by Akshaya Patra Foundation and Gurudwara to about 60,000 people.