Assam, The land of cultures, love and fun is incomplete without worth mentioning its reach heritage in its food style and several palatable cuisines that will excite your tongue and will make your taste buds crazy as you have those. Try those while you are at Assam. Few popular Dishes and cuisines are discussed below.

(1)Maasor Tenga with bilahi: 

This sumptuous delicacy from Assam is Fish curry with tomatoes. Well fried onion and spices that are added to it make it a one of a kind in its category.


Masor_Jhul-with bilahi


(2) Koldil Paaro Mangsor Jalukia:

It is a cuisine which is composed of banana flower and pigeon meat. Once you eat, you gonna remember it till your last breath.


koldil paro mangshor jalukia


(3) Poita Bhaat


Poitabhat is a favourite dish in Assam during the summer season. Cooked rice is soaked overnight in order to prepare poitabhat and served the next day garnished with mustard oil, onion, chilli, pickles, pitika (smashes), etc.

poita bhaat


(4) Xorikat Diya Gahori Mangsho:

Assamese version of smoked or barbecue of pork. Its drooling smell will make you lick even the Xorika, the stick as you order for the next cuisine. 😀

Xorikaat Diya Gahori Mangsho


(5) Koldilor Bhaaji:

It is the fried dish of Banana flower with certain composed vegetables. The smoking fried will drive you crazy and will seduce your taste buds.

koldil bhaaji


(6) Momo:

Momo is a type of steamed bun with or without filling. Momo has become a traditional delicacy in the northeastern states of India. Now each and every streets of Guwahati, the flamboyant city of Assam, you will find at least a small ‘Momo’ centre selling those delicious pieces of cuisine.



(7) Kosu Xaak aru Madhuxuleng:

It is dish composed of Colocasia-‘Kosu’ with Polygonum microcephalum- ‘Madhuxuleng. It seems dry but its squeezy-waxy texture is the heavenly feeling you can possibly have.



(8) Khar:
The khar is a signature class of preparations made with a key ingredient, also called khar. The traditional ingredient is made by filtering water through the ashes of a banana tree, which is then called kola khar (The name derived from the locale term of Banana, “Kol” or “Kola”).




(9) Alu Pitika:

Drool as you have it. Side dishes called pitika – (mashes) is a signature characteristic of this cuisine. The most popular is aloo pitika (mashed potatoes) which is shown below –  garnished with raw onions, mustard oil, green chillies and sometimes boiled eggs.



(10) Kumurat Diya Haahor Mangsho:

This curry meaty dish will incessantly make your tongue clean your lips as many times as possible. It is a Duck meat with ‘Ash Gourd’ aided my spinch of pepper and exact amount of onioin and garlic along with hotty-hotty Green chilles.

pumpkin duck curry


(Pics Coutesy: Google Images. No any infringement  of copy right is attempted. We have just shared pictures to show how beautiful is our Assamese dishes are! :)  )