Infatuation and crush are parts and parcel of life… One cannot get away with it. This feeling is experienced by every one of us. Sometimes this lasts just for few minutes after his/her glimpse on the restaurant or street or whatever the place is… doesn’t matter! and sometimes it lasts for months, this is only when you are constantly in touch with him/her.

Having a crush on someone is easy but getting their attention is not an easy walk. Well, here we are… letting you know the secrets, or the tricky ways to get their attention and eventually be in love with each other!!

1. Eye contact & smile: Try impressing him/her with the beautiful smile you have. Eye contact and a healthy smile is a killer combination. This combination can melt the hardest of guy/gal. So, whenever you run into your crush, use your pearls! This shows you are approachable, friendly and interested in him/her.









2. Lean In: This is strictly for girls only. Try leaning towards him when he talks; he should pick up on that body language that you are interested in him (if he doesn’t, dump him & your feelings right away!).









3. Check ambiance before meeting your crush (Date…. wink wink): If you are meeting him/her on a dinner/romantic date, try meeting him/her in a place that is dimly lit. Studies show that men are attracted to women with dilated eyes. If you are meeting your crush in some other location, make sure you meet him/her on a bright sunny day. On a bright sunny day, your body will be producing endorphins, helping you to be in good mood. So when you both will be having the time of your life, your crush will attribute that happiness to the time he/she is spending with you and not much on the weather.









4. Be Direct: We sadly don’t have the power of mind reading or thoughts, but when it is about your dear crush, there are many ways you can show you like him/her. Public declaration of love cannot be helpful always and never consider it as an option, but various tricks of seduction can be useful in this GAME of LOVE. Try sitting close to your crush, and during the conversation, try touching him gently and let your crush know that he/she is different from
the crowd that surrounds you two.









5. Be Witty: Use your Sense of humor as a weapon. There is nothing better than a person who knows well how to make others laugh. This is a very effective way to woo your crush and attracting attention usually entailing positive results. If you have a good sense of humor, don’t take a back seat to use it. Good sense of humor is kind of indicator of intelligence and that’s a perfect bait for many.









6. Copy actions: I am sure many of you have done this to annoy your siblings. Remember how you use to mirror each and every action of your siblings as a child? This used to annoy the other significant but study shows that if you copy your crush’s action, it might result in developing an interest for you. Of course, don’t overdo it. Try keeping it simple, like if he/she takes a sip of coffee, you take one too, if he/she cross his/her leg, wait a few moments, and
follow the suit. This can reinforce their feelings for you and is naturally seen in couples.











7. Walk to his left: For all the ladies, try to be on his left side. This lets you connect with the emotional side of the brain. This means he may be emotionally charged whenever you speak to him using strong emotional words.









8. Smell good: Perfume is your friend; keep this in mind. You need to leave your fragrance lingering in the air each time you walk past them. With the right scent, you will become unforgettable to your crush. If he smells that fragrance anywhere else, your crush will always be reminded of you.









9. Do not be Obsessive: Infatuation is addictive but does not turn into an obsessive maniac. Do not send him messages continuously, call him or appear in front of your crush everywhere. This will surely scare your crush off!









10. Be yourself: Last but not the least always be yourself. Listen to your crush say about his favourite sport, but do not pretend to be an admirer to be liked and to invite you on a date. Wear what you wear usually and what makes you comfortable. Be your self in every sense. Nobody likes deception.












Hope these 10 facts help you woo your crush. Do let us know what you feel about these points!