Assam Agricultural University (AAU) established in 1969 is one of the earliest institutions of its kind in Assam. Every year talented lot of grads and research scholars walk out of this premiere institution with the most valuable degrees in their hands. So we should know why this institution is such an awesome thing to attend. Here are ten reasons why we think AAU rocks:

(1) Grads of this university are real gem. They are improving our Agriculture with their research.

(2) This institute has more Phds and research scholars than many other great institutes in combined total.

(3) The inhabitants of this university lives in the best biodiversity of the Earth.

(4) They cultivate whatever crops or plant is required. Name one, they have it.

(5) They have world class facility when counted among various other Agriculture Universities in the world.

(6) ‘Maggie Point’ is the favourite hang-out place with a greenish background to refresh your mind.

(7) ‘AAU Plaza’ yet another place to hangout. It contains the rarest of all those from plant kingdom. Wanna know, Visit AAU.

(8) Nostalgic AAU Tempo cum Main Gate is something that every AAUians relate to. This is a very nostalgic place for every AAU alumnus.

(9) Others say AAUians, they proudly relates themselves as Agrians. I am not lying. Ask them.

(10) The famous foot-bridge over the pond is something a Agrian relates when festival of colours ‘HOLI’ knocks in.



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