Here We, The TM team welcomes you to the very facts of India and Why should you visit this beautiful country- India. I hope you find it more interesting than ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ that you all know what India is about 😀 This post will introduce something more than that, I guess!

(1)People and faiths:

There are 29 states in this country and every land has its own kind of people that depicts their story.



(2) Varied Cultures and taste

We have different festivals and different lifestyle to follow in India still we are one and called as ‘Indians’. This is what we have learnt ‘ Enekta ta mein Ekta’

festivals-of-india (1)

(3) Our Science:

You never believed right? Mars Mission, Discovery of zero, Raman’s Effect are Indians brain behind. You should better know.

isor n drdo




(4) Our defense power:

We are fifth strongest defense force in the world. Don’t believe me? Google it! Rest assured when come and stay here, you are always protected my friend.

indian_armed_forces Indian_Navy_2 SU-30MKI-g4sp_-_edit_2(clipped)



(5) Food and cuisines:

Curry, Bharta, Chutneys, Acchar and tasty sweets will be your life long friend if you come here and taste our recipies.


fish food



(6) Atithi Devo Bhavo:

The picture down below explains you the meaning 🙂



(7) Everything you need-Mountains, Hills, Rivers, forests, deserts, etc-Varied Geography:

Yes you heard me right! We got all these natural platforms. So you must visit us and see the flamboyancy of this country.


2457-BI7-1_image002 Hills_Vagamon images



(8) World most generous and beautiful women of cultures and rich heritage:

See the rich heritage through clothing when the World’s most generous and beautiful women have to show you 🙂





(9) Our Religion and beliefs.




(10) Bollywood and its fun:

Naah… Not like Hollywood in India! It is bollywood in real that makes desi Films. Lagaan, Mother India, Devdas, Sholay are some big shots. Google them you will know better.




(Pics Coutesy: Google Images. No any infringement  of copy right is attempted. We have just shared pictures to show how beautiful is our country- India is! 🙂  )