Here are the top 10 ways to kill your loneliness and be the lively soul you always wanna be.

  1. Treat yourself with a solo date: Order your favorite dishes.

    When you are feeling low, you can just take a deep breath and google some of the best food outlets near your flat. It is not essential to have someone accompanying you always whenever you go for food outside home. You can simply choose the best and nearest food outlet as per your google investigation and go munch the best dish or cuisine you like to have. Favorite and good food influences your hormonal activity. And Hormones control nearly every aspect of how you feel, or are directly affected by life and how you eat.
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  2. Go for an evening walk.

    Evening walk near a central park full of plantation or nearby a lake or river will enhance the supply of oxygen to the lungs making you feel more energetic. This is a good option to kill your loneliness and feel more close to the nature. Once you make nature your dear friend, you will hardly be alone.
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  3. Log off from your Social Media accounts for sometime.

    It is found in a report as mentioned in a blog that “Social media—from Facebook to Twitter—have made us more densely networked than ever. Yet for all this connectivity, new research suggests that we have never been lonelier.” So do one thing, just shut down all your digital gadgets or just log off and have a good time outside or go on to the roof top enjoying the overview of the city with your coffee mug.
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  4. Go for solo travelling: Choose a destination and wander around.

    Just book a bus or hire a cab or a flight. Reach a random destination. Be there, be a wanderer. It is quite often that, solo travelling delivers you the purpose of life you have been searching for. Your mind will no longer be alone once you are addicted to be a solo traveller.

  5. Don’t be a plan spoiler.

    Once you have plans with friends or buddies, don’t give up on them. Don’t be a spoiler. Join them. Do partying, clubbing or an adventure sport. Whatever it, just go for it. Don’t stop yourself. It is one of the best healer from loneliness. You might forget the word ‘ALONE’ forever once you a exciting day or night out with friends.
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  6. Watch TV series: F.R.I.E.N.D.S or HIMYM or SaraBhai Vs SaraBhai or Pitchers.

    This can be whole experience if you haven’t watch any of them I mentioned above! Go download or borrow from your friends. Watch these one by one and also watch other genre TV series too. This is one of the finest anti-loneliness medicine you can ever have.
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  7. Adopt a hobby: Buy a DSLR or start cooking or sketching or start learning musical instruments.

    Learning new things can engage minds and you will be soon in ecstasy of your new interest without your knowledge. It helps develop your mind and thinking capability too.
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  8. Inspire Yourself with TED talks.

    Watching TED Talks can really inspire you and take your tiring soul out of loneliness. You can either go to TED Talk’s official website or can browse some on YouTube.
    Click here to check out my favourite TED Talks.
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  9. Read a fiction: Choose a genre you love to read.

    If you love a particular genre rather it be romance or thriller or paranormal, just grab one book, start reading. Once you achieve the flow of reading, you will know you have just made a new friend who would never leave you alone.
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  10. Start Exercising or attend Yoga Classes.

    If your boring soul needs a fresh start, just start working out. Join a nearby gym or physical training workshop or a Yoga class. It will help rejuvenate your mind and rush blood in the body due to workout and meditation will kill the boredom and most importantly your loneliness.
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