“Move aside, it’s an emergency!” – The stretcher is being pushed at its highest speed to the emergency room.

By lying comatose on that stretcher Anita can blurredly see the lights on the ceiling moving too fast and creating illusory shapes that loomed against the pale walls. The part of her brain which is trying hard to work, giving her hard time to believe that she is still breathing. She can hear Rahul’s snuffling with a worried voice by her side, “Don’t worry dear, you will be all right!”

Weeping while sitting at the chair outside, Rahul tried to call his mother. He is getting weaker day by day. It is now becoming too much for him to face strongly. When he sees her face he just want to hug her and cry his heart out. Sometimes, he finds himself cowering beneath the cover, and fighting back his tears. It’s been 8 years since their marriage. They have always set the goal for the best couple for others. How can god be so rude to them? He seriously cannot find any answer to his own questions. He is so helpless now.

He still remembers the first day of their meeting. Anita was the best looking girl in college. She has that amazing physic with the sweetest smile. When Rahul met her at the orientation programme, he never thought that Anita would even say ‘hello’ to him. But to his utter surprise, she greeted him very politely and those eyes of her looked so comforting to him. Undoubtedly, she was not only beautiful looking also had a warm heart. With time, they became best friends and ultimately life partners. The whole journey was so smooth that both of them did not even realise the bitterness of life for even a day. Anita always had interest in beauty pageants and she even received a lot of awards in most of the shows. After marriage also, Rahul made sure that she continue with her passion and whatever the way he could help her he did.

Coming to a standstill at the counter, Rahul stood with his hands outstretched towards front, just to relax it from the aching. He felt a hard lump in his throat, may be his GERD again flaring up or his emotions. His gaze ran through the long corridor and met with a familiar face. As a reply to that concerned look he nodded in agreement giving a faded smile. Sister Emily has been a great help throughout his visits to hospital. Hospital bills reach timely to his office, at least he don’t have to pay like other attendants. He can only focus on Anita’s treatment. Sister Emily though never express it but her expression sometimes does indicate a negative sign and that sign obviously made him feel apprehensive.

Rahul again went back to the happy days. Rahul’s family had disapproved of Anita’s career choice right from the start, because, they said, that was too an urban choice of career a girl can have after marriage. But Anita could not feel that hatred because Rahul always acted as a wall against all the sayings. Rahul had always somehow known deep within himself, had actually understood without ever being told, that had she been born a Miss Universe with a great fortune to bring to his life, her luck and marital status would have been of little or no importance to make her famous. But a pause had to appear in her life when she got pregnant with their child and family then seemed determined to upset her again by making thousand excuses and explanations about children who have gone wrong in their life because their mother could not give them proper upbringing. Mostly, whenever they could make her life difficult, they did. Anita has always been a pragmatist at heart. She never thought of living life easy and that fighting spirit made her believe that her time of fame is yet to come thus, she never quit. Although she did not know at that moment, the anger had kindled her ambition as well, and eventually it would spur her on to do things she had never dreamed possible. At the back of her mind a plan was developing , a plan that would make her indispensable to move forward to her aim and ensure her control of her child until he is old enough to fend for themselves. The seed for growth had been sown, she only waited for it to flower.

God seemed also in favour with her continuous love and struggle for her passion. Even at the age of 36, her beauty was ineffable. The light grey eyes, and a well – articulated face. High cheekbones and a slender nose gave her a look of distinction; but the best part is her long, black and voluminous curls cascades over her shoulders; she was elegant in an understated way.She look much younger to her age and that is the most positive point she has.

On 18th April Anita came running towards him like crazy. Her eyes were twinkling with joy and she tried hard to catch her breath.

“Whoa!! Calm down. What is there?” – Rahul pointed towards a letter she was holding in her hand.

“I did it. I made it through the finale.” – Anita’s face brightened with those lines.

Although, she had so much trouble for filling up those forms and go for auditions but she finally got the offer letter to participate in the national level beauty contest. Her dream was coming true. Out of thousands participants, she got the chance to represent the nation. As she was overwhelmed with joy she was also afraid that she has to go through the training in different cities leaving her family behind. “Will Rahul be able to manage their child and his work? What in-laws going to say?”

“Don’t worry! I can manage everything. You will soon understand that you have married a superhero.” – Rahul winked at her reading her worries.

She soon flew to Mumbai despite her in-laws continuous taunts. She knew well in her heart that her strongest pillar of life will make everything fine. Rahul also had seen the dream with her of becoming the best , nothing could go wrong.

“Rahul! The session went well. She is a fighter. You can go and meet” – Doctor’s voice made him come to his senses.

He covered his face with his hands for a second, taking a deep breath pushed the door of the room. Anita’s eyes were closed as her body is still shaking from the harsh treatment. She looked pale and almost lifeless. He went in and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. She reluctantly opened her eyes a bit and looked at Rahul.

“I am not leaving you this early.” – Anita said in a wheezy voice.

This is the fourth chemo she is going through. After she got to know about her leukaemia she was one of the top 5 finalist. She got fainted at the stage and was taken to medical assistance. It was quite late when she was diagnosed. She was taken back home. But throughout the whole process she did not cry at all. It was something within her told her that she needs to continue with her fighting. It is not finished yet.

“You can’t love! You can’t lose.” – Rahul nuzzled her face and smiled.

Next day morning, Rahul was feeding her soup while she was going through the Facebook.

“Should I take this #10yearchallenge too dear? What will you comment on that? – Said Anita by caressing her bald head by one hand.

“To be very honest, I have never seen someone growing so beautiful in 10 years.”- Rahul gave her his best smile.

She fall in love with her superhero all over again.