Year: 2011

Editorial (Special Christmas Issue!)

Hi Friends!At the very outset,Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you! We are very glad to bring you this special Christmas issue. We are happy enough for the support and love that you have showered on us all the while. The Thousand Miles Team feels very emollient during the preparation of this X-mas Issue.The reason behind was the warm welcome that we received from the people during our interactive photo sessions.Really it was awesome working with you all. As the auspicious occasion of X-mas and New Year Celebrations is in the air,most of you will...

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The Perfect Gift Of Christmas

Have you ever wondered what’s the best gift you received in your life? Maybe a bike on your birthday or some money when you scored full marks in your exam paper. Sometimes you might want what your friends or relatives have. The gift that you want, you ask sometimes for to your parents or to someone who can provide you that gift. The reward or gift that you want is only temporary…today you are happy with a box of chocolates or a new dress…and then for the next year your desire level exceeds… you might want an iPod or...

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On The Occasion Of Christmas Eve

As we all know, ‘Christmas’ celebrates the birthday of Christ. It is observed on 25th, December, every-year. There is no exact date for this festive occasion historically, even though it is observed as mentioned above every year all over the world. It is the only feast that is celebrated all over the world without discrimination of country and caste. The name Jesus means ‘Savior’. Christ means annoy ended or consecrated by God. He himself said he is god, god as man in Bethlehem. That was a cow-shed or cave where cattle were kept. The reason being he was on...

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An Interview With Cactus

An Introduction: “CACTUS” was formed way back in 1992, inspired by the likes of DEEP PURPLE, PINK FLOYD, IRON MAIDEN, and many others. CACTUS started their journey with the purpose of doing rock ‘n’ roll with their own language –Bengali.  CACTUS is the first ever professional bangla rock band! “Rock n roll music and musicians are all the inspiration, their creativity to lifestyle…we do vernacular language rock music because we believe you can best express yourself in your mother tongue only, ours is Baangla.” CACTUS saw its first success with its self titled album in 1999, under the record...

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