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Month: April 2011


Questions-qUESTIONS 1)ACYUT 2 is the 2nd Humanoid Robot built by- 2) Asia’s largest residential layout- 3) The legendary investor known as ‘Oracle of Omaha’- 4) The aging Hubble Space Telescope is to be replaced by- 5)...

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Heritage of the Assam

The faces of any land chances with respect to time when the bases are roofed by sentences of generation as well as influences of more developed countries. Same is in the case of the state Assam. The land has got lots of comments...

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Economy, Energy and Environment

Necessity, who is the mother of invention[1] A quote that actually unravels the truth behind every hasty invention. The very dire need to survive and breathe every lively breath of life. ECONOMY-ENERGY-ENVIRONMENT are the three...

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