Month: October 2011

As I look back,rather fondly….

As Nostalgia creeps in, a voice says within, Never thought i’d say this, but there are a lot of things i really miss. I wanted to let go off a lot of things, just can’t figure out why it still clings. Be it the awesome atmosphere of The S.U.M.I that has been kind of embedded in my chromosomes. to the silent and serene environment of S.G.P to those rivalries between Aryans and Miscreants. Those Counter-Strike Loser Pays matches i shall never forget, where all that mattered was a precise target. The Grey and Red tie, wearing which we told...

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Know Your Girl!

Well you are here, that’s very good for you I think. You have to, because you have thought to lead your own life better by knowing your girl. I am not any perfect philosopher or a psychiatrist but I want to help you about the same from what I have experienced in my own life and most importantly what you needed. You may be very possessive about your girl, or you have full faith on her or you love her more than anything else in this entire mortal zenith.  But dear friend believe me though you know your girl...

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My Love Story

    She rang me up & asked me to keep quiet for a while as she had to say something…. I knew that she liked me… but never thought that she was going to say those three magical words at that very moment….By the way, it’s me, Aryan. It all started when I was in my 3rd year and she was in 2nd year! I used to tease my female friends, how can they see me single, can’t they find me a girl…. I used to say so but never meant it, & they too never took it...

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The Past, Present and Future of our National Game

Blown away by the popularity of cricket people have almost forgotten that hockey is the National game of India. They probably don’t even remember that hockey was the game through which India won her 1st ever gold medal in the Olympics way back in 1928 at Amsterdam. People across the globe started recognizing Indian players and gave importance to them only because of the way we played the game of hockey. India has won a total of 11 medals at the Olympics in hockey with 8 gold,1 silver and 2 bronze and a world cup victory in1975. The Indian...

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She is crazy

Season of cloud to walk with a lad, Days of spring we to get rid of that. Courtesy of red night, we spent alone And now all I tremble is like a lonely man. Music flows from the crazy heart now, To the lazy lass it flows like a noble vow. The highways we turned, were too dark to walk, And all I land now is in a dead man’s park. Your majesty your game you win Drench me so up above, for the little sin. Below I left a noble heart to my ladybird. Sweep the feel it...

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