Month: April 2012

I Too Dream Of India As A Super-Power

India rising! INDIA buzzing! Has become the buzzing theme of the world political consortium. Major league players viz. US, UK, France and the whole euro-zone has acknowledged the hegemonic pursuit of India. It has emerged as a ray of hope in the beleaguered times of market slowdown and euro-zone crisis. America is seeking help in Bangalore for job creation in U.S.A. Indeed a great achievement . Moreover it has obliterated (in the long run) the anxiety of the west about the ominous rise of the dragon , China. The mammoth country, (metaphorically –INDIA) has made its move to the...

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Kisses And Burns

The whole world is so dead outside Only ghosts are dancing in the ground I kiss the cigarette But it makes a burning sound   Memories are faded, hopes are dead Everythings so empty, no happy angel around I kiss the cigarette But it makes a burning sound Thinkin about a lost love, and her pretty face Didn’t try hard, i failed to chase And when her pictures cries out loud I kiss the cigarrete But it makes a burning sound   The poems of a dead poet Reflects my pain Hollywood stories, those happy endings Are like salt...

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Your Present

You are you & nobody else unique & beautiful in your own sense, Never ever regret being you you can do which none other can. Wear that smile along with those dresses without it your make-up are just ashes, No matter to which age number you’ve reach you are still that pretty good looking princess. Stand tall and walk high their is nothing to fear and feel shy, Dont give up & dont breath sigh..!! unwrap those curvy lips & to sorrows say goodbye. You own your own life even if you fall, get up & rise, Past is...

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Editorial (Spring-fall Issue)

[pullquote_left]A thousands light years back, when the agenda of the planet earth was prepared, THE CREATOR wrote about an e-magazine to be published on the midnight of 24th April last year, “THOUSAND MILES”. And today we completed a year and envisage continuing the journey till the end. Well, this was all about the discovery of the team of THOUSAND MILES.[/pullquote_left] [box_dark]For the last couple of month since we were born experience and experimenting was the major part that beautifully expanded our relationships and bonding with the readers. The main aim and objectives of Thousand Miles are to find new...

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