Month: February 2013

Editorial (Valentine’s Day Special)

Hello Valentinees! It is your favourite magazine ‘Thousand Miles’ reporting. How are you all? I hope you all are fine. Thanks for dropping by the station of our magazine. We are glad that this day of year you are visiting us and giving us your precious time even though you are busy with your love-ship. True love is holy and gentle. For example we can see the unconditional love of Meera for her Krishna. If love is holy and gentle, there is no expectation of getting it back. But we are surrounded by illusion(Maya) and so we expect the...

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Old Business

What can happen in half a decade? How much change can there be? To be honest Mayur didn’t want to answer these questions. He knew, deep inside him that what he had long five years ago is never coming back to him. It was this realization that made him able to control his emotional upheaval and press on towards his destination. He had returned home after a gap of three years, if at all the place can be called his home. Now, he was travelling almost 150 kms to meet someone. He claims her to be his good friend,...

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An Evening With MMS Girl

What is Love actually? What are its limitations? From where it starts and where it ends? This small word which attracts almost everybody, does it really have a great meaning? If we ask people to define love, I am sure it will entail a lot of definitions. Neither of them will be right and complete, nor would they be wrong. One thing is sure; every definition would lead us to an element of devotion, piousness and selflessness. We grew up reading the story of ‘Radha’ who saw God in Krishna. We have also read about Meera, who drank poison...

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An Interview With Rishi Vohra

[pullquote]Rishi Vohra recently settled himself back to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA from San Francisco State University and a Masters Diploma in Environmental Law, prior to which he had a successful career in the Indian Entertainment Industry. He wrote various articles for national newspapers and magazines and he currently writes for delWine and is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW). ‘Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai is his debut novel. Thousand Miles feels fortunate to have a sweet conversation with him and the talk is as follows:[/pullquote] TM: What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘Once Upon...

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