Month: April 2013

Women Power ‘Naari Shakti’

A country which ignores its women can never truly develop into a real nation. Like a building that will have a weak foundation without pillars, women too play an important role in developing a society and help build a strong foundation. Sadly, in a nation which worships Goddesses, the plight of its female folk can only be described as least developed. The female gender has had to suffer an immense deprivation in terms of rights and freedom. The Indian scenario of women is like a two sided coin, on one hand we see women touching the zeniths of success...

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An Illusion Or Real?

It was a cloudy night. The stationary shops round the town are getting closed as usual. The salon near the big Banyan tree was still open. Ramen, my friend and the favourite barber of many called upon me suddenly as I was trespassing the Salon. I nodded and made my move towards him. He was quite free as there were no customers at that time of night. “What happened to you, Vinod? These days, you are almost nowhere?” Ramen enquired of me. “This is a very long story, Ramen. Want to listen?” I replied looking down the ground while...

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An Interview With Amrita Priya

Amrita Priya has the twin passions of writing and observing people and their behaviours. She believes that both these passions of her are interrelated and help in connecting with people. Amrita began her career, fourteen years ago as a feature writer – writing features on a variety of topics for Hindustan Times, The Pioneer and Prabhat Khabar. Her two cookery books are a result of her interest in writing about food and her experience in writing recipe columns.  She holds a post graduate degree in Mass Communication and has deep interest in Psychology and Management. She often incorporates the...

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Editorial (Women Empowerment)

This has been a year in India to re-think on the matter of Women Empowerment. The entire female counterpart has been at stake. Whether it is the capital of India or some small places around this country, the girls and ladies were molested, raped, tortured. The Anti-rape bill was passed on for women protection and security. Yet, the bastards and retards don’t sit calm; they are continuing their brutality and dominance over women. This country has been designated as the land of goddesses where Sita Ma, Durga Ma, Sarwasti Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Ambe Ma and many other goddesses came...

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