Year: 2014

10 Popular Cuisines That You Must Taste While You Are At Assam

Assam, The land of cultures, love and fun is incomplete without worth mentioning its reach heritage in its food style and several palatable cuisines that will excite your tongue and will make your taste buds crazy as you have those. Try those while you are at Assam. Few popular Dishes and cuisines are discussed below. (1)Maasor Tenga with bilahi:  This sumptuous delicacy from Assam is Fish curry with tomatoes. Well fried onion and spices that are added to it make it a one of a kind in its category.     (2) Koldil Paaro Mangsor Jalukia: It is a cuisine...

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10 Reasons Why India Is a Beautiful Country

Here We, The TM team welcomes you to the very facts of India and Why should you visit this beautiful country- India. I hope you find it more interesting than ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ that you all know what India is about 😀 This post will introduce something more than that, I guess! (1)People and faiths: There are 29 states in this country and every land has its own kind of people that depicts their story.   (2) Varied Cultures and taste We have different festivals and different lifestyle to follow in India still we are one and called as ‘Indians’....

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Editorial (Roads, Life and Festival)

Hello Readers! It is your favourite magazine Thousand Miles Magazine reporting after quite a long time. How’s been you festive break? Blast? Right? Naa! Don’t worry, we are hear to make something of your browsing time a bit interesting. Go through our current issue & other articles and enjoy to the fullest. We are very proud of scientists and engineers at ISRO for successful mission of the Mangalyan who entered the red Planet attraction point few days back. Now we can held our head high because no other Asian countries have been successful like us so far. In matter...

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Indian Joy at the Commonwealth Games

India is slowly emerging as a power to reckon with in sports. It has been slow but the results are bucketing at the moment with a prime example being the collection of 17 medals by the Indian shooters at the ongoing Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Glasgow. We need proper coaches, infrastructure, a good regime and schedule to develop the players among various sports in our country but at the same time we also need people who can inspire our athletes to compete at the highest level. We can see that our country is slowly reaping rich success in various...

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