Month: January 2014

Chanchalaa 2

Kishan Kumar was married to Ananya one year back. They were happy couple since they married. They used to go to park every weekend near by the town centre and had wonderful evenings at palacious hotels tasting palatable foods. They loved each other more than anyone. A better-half is what, for Kishan, Ananya was an only example and vice-versa. It is after Kumar joined a IT job, their life took a U-turn. They started questioning with each other on silly topics. Hardly, they had dinner together after his joining. He became too busy to have time with her. He...

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Footballing extravaganza in India

  Come 2017 and we have the biggest of all sporting competitions to be held in India. The FIFA under- 17 football world cup! It cannot get any bigger than this. India had to ward of challenges from bidding countries in Ireland, Uzbekistan and South Africa. It may be an Under-17 world cup but it has great significance for the development of football in India. India has only once been inside the top 100 among the footballing nations in the year 1996 which is very dismal for a country with a population of 1.2 Billion. With the advent of...

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Quizville (Winter Fall, 2014)

Thousand Miles brings to you the second edition of its quiz column prepared by our guest quiz columnist, Angkit Rajkumar. Be ready to take your grey cells for a spin! Happy Holidays! 🙂 Questions:...

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Editorial Fruit Issue

Hello Fruitees! Hope you are enjoying the new year with all energy. Be safe and enjoy the love, fun, taste of the new year to come. I thank you for giving us your precious time to come and wish us ‘Happy New Year’. We congratulate respected CM of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for attaining such a success. We are hoping high from you. We all love you for your principles and  choice of words while delivering speech and lectures. Please help India, we need corrupt free India. Our best wishes are with you. We highly offer  heartfelt condolences on the...

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