Month: November 2014

Chinese Chicken Lollypop

  Appetizers and Snacks Its a very easy recipe for Chinese food lovers and  is much affordable to make at home! 1 kg of chicken lollipops only cost Rs.100 and contains 21 – 22 lollipop pieces! Its a no loss dish for anyone! Ingredients   1 kg of chicken wings crafted into lollipops (the butcher does this himself if you order beforehand) 1 cup of Maida 2-3 tea spoons of Corn Flour 2-3 tea spoons of rice Flour/Powder(optional ,to make lollypop much more crispy) 2 eggs or water 3 tea spoons of Ginger Paste 3 tea spoons of Garlic...

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An Unhappy Marriage

It was past midnight, when she sneaked out of her bed and tiptoed her way to the basement. She thought her husband – who was sleeping next to her – would never notice. But, how wrong she was. He hadn’t even allowed himself to sleep thatnight; he wanted look into her eyes while he catches her reading her lover’s letters. She, upon reaching the basement, seated herself on the floor, as quietly as possible – she was trembling and was excited, at the same time. Then, she took out the letter from the envelope, she had smuggled on her...

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A Dark Menace

Women in the history have had, in actual fact, an equal, if not superior status to men. In Vedic times, women and men were on the same level in so far as education and religion were concerned. Women participate in the civic sphere alongside men. India is a country where we worship goddess ‘Devi’ as shakti, the sovereign incarnation of power. In the Vedic literatures mother Earth is embodied as the Goddess Bhumi, or Prithvi. She is the lavish mother who bestows her grace on her children. Now a question arises as to whether women at the present scenario...

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TM’s Top 8 Best Indian English Novels (Editor’s Choice_2008-2014)

BOOK DETAILS Publisher Penguin Imprint Penguin Publication Year 2009 ISBN-13 9780143066569 ISBN-10 0143066560 Language English Edition 1st Edition Binding Paperback Number of Pages 288 Pages           (2) BOOK DETAILS Publisher Pan Macmillan India Publication Year 2009 ISBN-13 9780330458535 ISBN-10 0330458531 Language English Edition 1st Binding Paperback Number of Pages 384 Pages           (3) BOOK DETAILS Publisher Harper Collins Publishers India Imprint HarperCollins Publication Year 2010 ISBN-13 9788172238476 ISBN-10 8172238479 Language English Binding Paperback Number of Pages 328 Pages Awards The Man Booker Prize Winner Award Year 2008        ...

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