Month: March 2017

Among The People

It has been my ardent wish to immerse myself in an active life, motivate others and to live fully. These saw fruition during my first community immersion. Included in the curriculum of the fellowship design, Community Immersion turns out to be one of the best learning journeys where one gets to reach the unattainable. Being one of the most challenging tasks, it has helped me to gain knowledge, experience and perspective.   On October 5, 2016, I signed up for a stay to Pok Nagar, slum in Surat city. It is a small community right near the river bank...

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You know what is beautiful!

You know what is beautiful…………….              The clear blue sky. Have you ever noticed its exquisiteness? It has a certain kind of euphoria in itself. That’s when you stare at it for a period of time and feel wholesome. So natural and lively. So true and honest. .The clear blue sky with some patches of white cloud spreadall over the giant abode, sometimes relatively linked to one another like that of a tail or whereas, distinctly separated from the north and south. And now after spending a little time with mother nature these cloud...

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Sunken Worship

You have plankton me like a little modest child You have shown me the unveiling shades of shy.   Like the creepy little plants that live more in barren lands But once in a day break dries up with a step by a stand.   Your eyes make me glorify glory in assasinity, chasing the dreams with enormity I found it in your busy sheets.   Puzzled by the way to go nipped into the world of sorrow I thought you would be there But saw not a single breakthrough.   I’m still, I’m in your sunken worship and...

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Following Bapu

This piece would perhaps have never seen the light of day had not my younger colleague Bidisha at office insisted that I write on Bapu, as Gandhi Jayanti was just days away. More than anyone else, or perhaps even as much as politicians, we journos are content with, nay even addicted to tokenisms. Many a time, sadly enough, we are quite addled about whether we mean what we write or write what we mean. That is why this piece is such a challenge to put together, because I have to strive and break free from the limiting ambit of...

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Editorial- Come Back

Hello Mileans 😀 It has been very long that you have heard from us. It is we, Thousand Miles, back again after exactly 2 years where we left. We were not dead, we were just hibernating. This ‘come back’ issue means a lot to us. There were several tie-ups following the come-back this year. We have associated with Pragyan’17 (NIT Trichy), Composit’17 (IIT Kharagpur) and Udghosh’17(ITS Engineering College) and many more on the pipe line. We are their official online media partners this year exclusively. We are doing possibly everything to provide you all a good content and infotainment...

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