Month: April 2017

Editorial: April’17 (LOVE)

Hello TMians How are you all? Happy Bihu first of all from our side and Pohila Baisakh to all my dear friends and also belated Happy Navratri to everyone visiting us. We are ready with our April Issue on Love and Creativity. We have collected various articles as always. Especially this issue features Tarun: The Man With Musical Fingers, a popular Tabla Player who is doing magic with his fingers. Do read and let us about it. In the food category there is a special treat for you. Guess what! You have the recipe in detail, just search on....

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Tarun: A Man with Musical Fingers

Tarun is a tabla artist from Nagpur was born in the orange city of India on 27 th July, 1993 and got into professional training under Shri Sandeep Chauhan when he was just 3. His journey started when his mother thought of giving him a gift on Children’s day. He demanded tabla as gift to which his mother didn’t refuse. That was the moment when his inseparable bond developed for Tabla. He gave his first stage performance at the age of 6. He became to a child artist at All India Radio at the age of 7. He started his...

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Religion – What does it mean to me?

Hindu? To begin with, I am one. More devout than I ever thought I would be, I believe in my faith and I am not ashamed about it. Having been brought up in an orthodox Hindu family, religion has always been a part of life and I am glad it is. Right from ‘Lagta hai Bhagvaan ki yeh marzi nahi thi’ to console us when something turns out some way to ‘Sab Bhagvaan ki dua hai’. From going to my ancestral village to listen to one of my grandfathers do the annual Bhagvad Gita event to reciting the Hanuman...

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She believes  she is an island in solitude. Uninhabited, mysterious and of mystic beauty. The weary sailors set foot in her as they transit; They sing praises of her abundance, and drink from the brook flowing through her heart. She sometimes think of poisoning her brook with the toxic roots growing deep in her. But, Alas! This has always remained as a seed of thought in her mind, never meant to get materialized! Maybe she likes their transient presence subconsciously. maybe in their chaos she finds a different calm; Maybe their voices, their laughter softens her solitude; Maybe her...

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CATEGORY :Family Friendly Recipe COURSE :Snack Recipe CUISINE :Indian Recipe TECHNIQUE :Shallow Fry Recipe DIFFICULTY :Medium SERVINGS :Serves 4 Soya chunks cutlet is a delicious snack having high nutritious value and protein content. Soya is a great substitute of protein from meats and is especially good for kids of growing age. This family-friendly recipe can be relished as an evening snack with tea of your favourite beverage and is super easy to make. You can know how to make it at home with easy recipe guide. The soya chunks are mashed and made into small cutlet which are shallow...

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