Month: June 2017

Monsoonal Ramblings

Don’t go with my smile, I hold storm in my eyes. My mind is willing to see the world, Not on cost of what u think. I have my own consent, And I go with that flow. I dance in rain, Not to hide my flood. I whirl to feel, the soothing water,I love. I climb mountains, Not to escape from this world. I ascend to challenge, the encouraging Heights,I aspire. Way to go long, Higher and higher, Its not the way u thought. Its the way “I”...

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Editorial- Monsoon, June’17

Dear Readers, First of all happy Monsoon to all of you. and Bye Bye Summers! It is probably raining outside while you are reading our kinds of stuff. So, the monsoon has started its ethereal influence in our dear India. The smell that it delivers just after a complete shower is the most expected ramblings, we- the Indians always long for! In every Indian house, the housewives and mothers are busy in cooking several spicy and salty dishes for their loved ones. The delicious cuisine during any rainy season is Pakori( A typical spicy and crunchy Indian fry dish)...

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Dishanjali- An NGO Eradicating Poverty through Education

Dishanjali- This life supporting NGO was formed by Er. Vijay Kumar Patidar (president) during his initial days (2012) of engineering college in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He along with his friends were sipping in tea when a young guy came and asked “Bhaiya kuch khila do!! Bohot bhook lagi hai! ” [English Translation: Bother, please give me something to eat, am really hungry.] Kind hearted Vijay feed him ‘samosa’ (Indian snacks) and asked him to narrate a story to him and his friends. This little boy ran away and brought a book from his bag that he kept at the...

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A trip to Dawki (Meghalaya)

Dawki is a border town located town located in the West Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya, India. It is about 90 km from the capital city of Shillong. One can take a car or book a taxi or even bus services are available to Dawki from Shillong. The roads to Cherapunjee and Mawlynong can also found on the way to Dawki that cuts on the right from the main road. Half of the road to Dawki was full of dense fog. The drivers use dippers while passing through the roads. At this point it was felt deeply why this place...

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