Month: July 2017

Remembering KALAM: The Missile Man of India

It was during a travel to Agartala, Tripura after my Post Graduation defense  during the month of July back in 2015. The journey was 18 hours travel from my home town Sivasagar, Assam. Another epic book from Dr. Kalam Sir entitled ‘My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Action’ was in my hand as I was travelling. I was reading and turning pages out of curiosity of what is to come next. I was imagining Kalam Sir’s childhood, his study life, his family members and how supportive they must have been in making the person whom we today know as ‘...

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Editorial: Shades of life- July’17 | Monsoon | Words of Editor

Hello TMians Happy Monsoons! How has been the vacation? Where have you visited? How awesome was it? Share your views with us. We will love to hear from you. We are back with our July issue on the theme of Shades of Life. This is something as we know, that we see in our daily life. People of different cast, creed and language has different shades of life . We can see and learn different lessons by looking at different forms of life. We need to just patiently look to the lives of various people from rural to urban...

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Tubelight: Movie Review | Story | Characters | Bollywood

Tubelight is an inspirational drama tells the story of one boy’s belief in himself in a small town in the hills of Northern India.After Block blaster movies like Bajrangi Bhaijan, Ek the tiger the duo came together to tell another heartwarming story about trust and self-confidence.The movie is based on the power of doing good and trust i.e.,”Yakeen” in Hindi. Tubelight opened a positive response on the first day.The movie collected Rs.21.25 crore on its opening day which is the second highest this year according to Box office India Report. In Tubelight, Salman Khan who played the role of...

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Food For Thought | Story | Fiction

I had a funny dream last night. The best part of it was the fact that I remember it like I remember every Game of Thrones episode aired till date. In my dream, I was at a Vet’s; with my pet fish, waiting for our turn to get my fish’s routine checkup done. As I sat there, my eyes traveled to a nearby corner, where a goat and a dog sat happily, chatting. From the look of it, the goat had a fractured arm. As for the dog, he seemed to have a bad cold and was sneezing quite...

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