Month: November 2017

Avishekism: Season 1-B

I love those eyes that dare to dream. I love those smiles that dare to win. I love those thoughts that dare to inspire. I love because I dare. They say Forgive and Forget are two powerful mantras to live a stress-free and contented life. But the irony is that most of us generally forget whom to forgive. The world we live in will give you plenty of reasons to find it dull, boring and frustrating. At times, it will even screw you up. Don’t give in. Just show the world what you are up to. Put your best...

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Project K & UI: Crowdfunding is Live

About the project They are a relatively new band in the Independent music scene and started their journey as a band in 2015 and since then they have been quite active in the performance circuit. They have been writing a lot of music together in this short period of time and been performing them live. ‘Before the Plunge’  is an attempt to compile 5 of their most loved compositions into an E.P and reach to people who have been asking them ‘Where can we find your music?’. The E.P consists of 5 tracks: – Close to my heart: A Pop-rock love...

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Editorial November’17

Hello, TM reader and TM lovers! How are you all? o! yeah! The winter is here. It has started chilling out in the northern parts of India. Snowfall has also started in few places. Are you ready for the fantastic winter? Are you ready to eat the Indian Spicy dishes? Are you done with your winter shopping? We, at Thousand Miles, are always excited when winter knocks in. We urge you to take care of your health from severe winter creeping in some places. Have bonfire, warm clothes, good food and drink brandy or scotch occasionally to keep yourself...

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Top 10 Things We Do in Winter

Being the coldest of all seasons, it has something warm in it as it gives beautiful memories to be remembered for. In a climatic condition like India where mostly summer rule in most of the places, merely this 3 or 4 months of winter offered a good vacation and a quality time with loved ones. Winter can be different for everyone. The chill in the air, covered up in wools, the cozy-comfy weather has given me few very interesting facts to share. 1. Sun will be very dear to us. In summers, we hate its sight but now we...

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