Year: 2017

Top 11 Iconic Music Bands in India

“Music is the strongest form of magic”, quoted by the renowned American Singer, Marilyn Manson. The quote strongly describes the scenario of Indian music as the band that is mentioned below has changed the defination of music at large. TM brings to you 11 Indian bands that literally has created a mark in the ocean of music. Indus Creed: Indus Creed certainly is the most loved and idolised band that have sowed the seed of contemporary rock music in India and breeding a special place in the hearts of music lovers. Their acheivements include Best Band at the Jack Daniel’s...

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Sons of Assam

The murky waters of the river were putting on a hue of grey as our boat ‘Bijoya’ bobbed up and down violently. The gusts were growing stronger. I could see rumbling clouds approaching from the south. A guffaw escaped my mouth and the fifteen men on ‘Bijoya’ turned towards me in unison. “The monsoon might just be our ally this year.” I declared. “The Gods are on our side today. We are sons of ‘Bijoya’ today. Defend your mother. Let only the mangled remains float on the mighty Brahmaputra of whosoever tries to defy her advance.” A chorus of...

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An Interview With Tetseo Sisters

Four sisters from different mothers formed a band with a view to spread the music of their ancestors. Meet Tetseo Sisters, Nagaland’s young cultural sensations. The Tetseo sisters is basically a four-member band from Kohima, Nagaland is comprised of Alüne (Lulu), Kuvelü (Kuku), Mütsevelü (Mercy) and Azi Tetseo.  They steadily gained popularity for their regular appearances at Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival. Their musical legacy has transcended time with a trail to their own folklore. Their ancestors sang and danced praising nature and Humanity at festivals to ensure that the values of their culture are passed from generations to generations.  Thousand Miles Team...

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The Whore From the Notorious Street

She laid those eyes on mine. I could feel her gaze as empty as a barren land, in which I could sense the longing for the utmost unreal. She has that soft subtle curve of smile, convincing enough to conceal the pain of her ruination. Yes! She is a whore from the notorious street, selling her body but her mind yet to defeat.   At the depth of her heart, she is still the little girl from her once glorious past, where her body was more than a delish carcass for the vultures. Her body swayed in the wind like...

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