India is among the most depressing countries worldwide and professionals of that field approaching to find the possible reasons behind it. Well, there are various reasons but here we ain’t approaching the reasons but to provide a solution for the same. Like we all know before initiating anything, one examines the live examples for reference. Before most of the freedom struggle, people got motivated from the first of its kind “the French revolution”, likewise here there is one tremendous example of how to live a happy, enthusiastic and meaningful life in reference to our issue. I am aware that there are thousands of others and this is one of them. There is a city in Japan which has the highest number of people who have lived nearly a hundred years in their life span called “Okinawa”.

Well, the reason is Ikigai, that means the purpose of being or the purpose of living.

The reason behind getting up in the morning and doing what you love; let me tell you it’s not always the rush to work and earn money and spent on expensive cars or attires. It’s much more meaningful than that, in Okinawa. Somebody is happy just to get up and feed a few hungry humans, somebody’s Ikigai (the purpose of life) is to take care of the garden next to his home. They ain’t hustle to get money, reproduce and make more money for basics. They have different approaches towards life and what is incredibly wonderful is that the society around them, the people respects each other’s choices. That’s what our country lacks like anything. Society creates a peer pressure at every instance of life whether you are a teen, an adult or a highly paid corporate worker.

Ikigai is a fusion of what you love to do, what you are good at and what can earn you some money and this is a wonderful way of happy living. And when the society starts saying- thanks to you for tremendous contribution, that’s your true ikigai. Remembers one thing in your life that you must love what you do. That’s exactly not always inventing a game-changing application it can be just to make people happy and in return you are happy.

There is another commodity that we need to learn from traditional Japanese people.

 “Mind full of others”. In Japan one can leave his/her laptop or cell phone while they are charging in cafes, people park their bikes anywhere and even after hours nobody steals. In escalators, the one half of it has a queue of people patiently standing and the other half has left the people in rush. As per our society, it could be utter foolishness to do the same but thinking about others like the Japanese do can resolve numerous dilemmas of everyday life in our country. When you take care of the society, the society will look after you and that’s what ‘mind full of others’ are all about. This is the possible solution why even after having an abundance of population lives of people are pretty happier.

And for a ‘successful mind full of other’ therapy we all need to just mind our own businesses and stop putting judgments about others because liberty is a basic human right. So I wish you all find your ‘Ikigai’ real soon and a society which has people’s mind full of others. Because it’s the tiny drops that make the whole ocean.