Being the coldest of all seasons, it has something warm in it as it gives beautiful memories to be remembered for. In a climatic condition like India where mostly summer rule in most of the places, merely this 3 or 4 months of winter offered a good vacation and a quality time with loved ones. Winter can be different for everyone. The chill in the air, covered up in wools, the cozy-comfy weather has given me few very interesting facts to share.
1. Sun will be very dear to us. In summers, we hate its sight but now we will be looking for it. I have summer anxiety. I hate when the day starts hot and bright. Well! In summers obviously. But in winters, my anxiety automatically shift to the opposite. Then I will be like ‘Where’s the Sun?’

Sunrise in Winter

2. Suddenly, all the covered cloths, full sleeves, long pants will become more meaningful to us. In winters, I mostly keep looking for the clothes that I use to throw out in summers.

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3. Taking shower will be equivalent to death. That certain period between the end of the summer and the arrival of the winter, I mostly get confused to switch on the geyser or not. Then, I always regret not switching it on.

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4. Food temptation will grow and every spicy food will be our favorite. Surprisingly, the same food which was oily, unhygienic, unhealthy in summer looks so tempting, greatly made, magical in winter.

5. We will open the cupboard and feel nostalgic about the old winter clothes we used to wear years back.
Here, as we get hardly 3 or 4 months of winter, I actually miss my winter clothes. It happens every time with me. Taking out winter clothes from lower drawers of the cupboard feels like living old memories.

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6. Ditching all plans of going out, we will make new best friends at home: the bed, blanket, and the pillow.
I always wonder, does my bed increase its comfort in winter’s months? It becomes so difficult to get out of it.

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7. An unannounced fight to check whose hands are colder. What is the best way to irritate friends in winter months? I have got the best answer. Just go near them, touch their face with your freezing hands and run.

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8. We will have no problem sitting in the same position for hours layered in clothes doing absolutely nothing.
My record is 3 hours. Once you are comfortable and warm enough sitting in a position covered in warm clothes how can you just leave it right?


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9. The new definition of love will be holding the piping hot mug of Tea, coffee. One hot cup of tea and the smoke coming out from it. Putting your face half inside the cup and holding it by both of your hands. Divine!

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10. There will be beautiful occasions for celebration and every celebration will consist of a bonfire, food, family /friends, and fun. Most of the friends have their birthdays in winters. Followed by weddings, Christmas, New Year and
what not. If there’s a plan for outside travel what can be more beautiful than a clear starry sky with a bonfire in