I woke up in a shocked way
and felt my heart to be moving in a hasty sway.
It was me, binded in a splendid quilt…
took in a  deep breath
filling me in with the sweet- smelling silt.
Recalling, the episodes of last night…
Of him holding me so tight.
The brushing of his lips all through…
Kissing me with the words ‘I LOVE YOU’.
But something snaped in my mind then
Last night, we were not alone…
A guest was to come there,
Who would be taking over the throne.
I suddenly looked at my side,
It was our son wrapped in his arms
And he held him all with a pride…
He looked so quiet and calm…!!
His eyes resembled so much to me
But the lips and the face were all on thee.
His face was lit up… of this new light…
Who’d be leading him and guiding through right.
He could sense the new inspiration
Indeed, a toy with respiration.
I could now imagine,
our son playing with him all the time
And me nursing him…
Through the rest of the while…!!