Women in the history have had, in actual fact, an equal, if not superior status to men. In Vedic times, women and men were on the same level in so far as education and religion were concerned. Women participate in the civic sphere alongside men. India is a country where we worship goddess ‘Devi’ as shakti, the sovereign incarnation of power. In the Vedic literatures mother Earth is embodied as the Goddess Bhumi, or Prithvi. She is the lavish mother who bestows her grace on her children.

Now a question arises as to whether women at the present scenario enjoy the same status as in the ancient past? Women are said to be– ‘a shadow of god’ and as God could not be everywhere at every time, so he created mothers. In country like India where we worship “Goddesses” status in society. Among the several glitches confronted by girls in their everyday life, one of the key challenges they cope with is the ‘Eve Teasing’.

Eve teasing is becoming one of the utmost ordinary concerns where a girl is sexually or mentally hassled in public or in street by a boy or a group of male figure. At present it is the most serious issue in India. Eve teasing is not merely a simple or ignorant matter. The outcomes or the consequences may affect one’s life dreadfully. The upshot of it may lead to loss of mind where eve teasing might became a terror or a night mare which ultimately results to depression. It may also lead to inferiority complex, loss of self confidence and thus reduces the mobility of the women. Sometimes the greater affect of eve teasing may also result to suicide attempts. It is the ultimate path for some worse.

With the passage of time, women are no doubt being given equal status of man. They are allowed to opt for higher studies and go for work; child marriage that has been strictly prohibited. Sati, polygamy, dowry system and many other anti social activities become punishable under the eyes of law. But here a question, but still women are specified an inferior arises­ What more do girls need? Isn’t that enough for all? What about the safety of a girl.

Every day we hear about cases relating to rape and murder. It’s the road side romeos who induldge their interest in stuff like Eve Teasing and stalking. Girls passing by can hardly avoid such situation and rarely could flee from becoming the victim of it. Simply teasing a girl in a street may one day lead them to attempt or commit more serious crimes like rape. There are many such incidents that we observe to be happening around us every now and then. But do we care to HELP when we see any girl in trouble? We hardly do that. We merely illuminate oneself by saying that it is better to evade such state of affairs and move on to own destination rather than getting trapped into unwanted or unwelcomed situation.

But what would we do if someone we love: our girlfriend, sister or aunty is in trouble? We’ll definitely try to help them. If we believe somebody to lend a hand towards our loved ones when they in trouble then, we ought to begin via helping somebody else in misfortune.

Here it does not meant that we girls are proposing special privilege for girls. What would make us happy is that girls should also be treated as humans and given their rights to live a socially respectable life without fear. Though we are living in a cosmopolitan city with media and people all around talking about girl power and women’s independence, do you really think it exists? There still exist men who consider himself as the Supreme Authority, who thinks he can make rules and keep the women in confines. All such thinkings creates the discrimination between different genders. Such senses and thought towards women are also the result of crime against women. Born as a girl is not a curse but the prevailing situation in society makes the innocent girls to think it as a misery to themselves as well as to their parents once they grow up and as there seems no support or help from the concern society.

It’s a high time now to take a necessary step to prevent such unwanted social activities. Eve teasing should be prevented from the root itself so that in long race it does not turn into massive crimes likes rape, molestation, murder, etc in the society. The crime of eve teasing should not be encouraged by doing nothing. The growing generation along with media and concern authority and the society should become alert of such issues and thus take adequate steps to diminish such anti­social activities. Eve teasing is a social crime and now a high phase to become conscious about it and take on satisfactory measures to foil it.

“Hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow; a woman shapes the destiny of civilization. Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful creation of god­ ‘girls’ today are one of the gravest concerns facing humanity”….


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