It’s a busy day in the Jaggery’s cafe. But this is not unusual for the staff as this is the best cafe available in the town. There is no more bakery or café in the town as it is a small town consist of few hundred families mostly into farming and animal husbandry. Jaggery’s café is an age-old café established almost in the same year with the little town. When these hundred people started off with the making of this town, two brothers named Richard Jaggery and John Jaggery contributed their land for a coffee shop in the town. This is how Jaggery’s café came into existence and this is why it is so emotionally connected to town people. The Jaggery brothers were famous in the town due to their generous heart and kind nature. Being hailed from a wealthy family they almost spent their entire life on social welfare and charity. Their main agenda of starting with the café was to feed the poor and needy with little or no money and giving a night shelter to homeless people, a warm place to sleep at night in the harsh winter.

“Two cappuccino and one doughnut.”- shouted Maria turning her head to the kitchen.

Doughnuts are one of the top selling items after coffee in Jaggery’s café. There is something special about the doughnuts made here that people cannot think of going to any other place. Even slowly people from outside the town also showing interest in coming to the café and have a bite. It’s been always dominantly ruling in the menu of Jaggery’s café. Though the taste is one reason for its popularity but the main or you can say the most appropriate reason for its fame is that this item is as old as the café. The first item that was introduced with coffee in this café by Jaggery brothers was doughnuts. They had an emotional connection with the doughnuts because their mother was a very fine baker especially her doughnuts was one thing to drool for. So they decided to keep doughnuts in the café menu.

“Are you outta your freaking mind Peter? I said two cappuccino and one doughnut. Clean your ears tomorrow before coming to work.” – Maria yelled at the kitchen staff for bringing only coffee not the doughnut.

“You don’t have to tell me what to do! You rude lady!! Better concentrate on your work and clear your throat before speaking.” Peter replied to her in the same tone.

This is the present scenario of Jaggery’s café. With the passing years the kindness, the happy faces of the staff have vanished. The principles on which the café was established disappear with time and now the great-grandson of the Jaggery brothers who are the present owners have the least interest on keeping or continuing the family values on which it got such a huge name and fame. They have stopped giving free food to the poor, a night shelter for homeless have been shut down. They only know what profit is and how to make money. Smart enough, they know it well people do not have any other option to hang out in the town especially for coffee and doughnuts people have to come over there keeping their complaints aside.

Lying in the tray along with his fellow doughnuts, this one has few thoughts crossing his mind. He was being baked or in “good terms” was born yesterday but he has a long lifeline of almost one day. Still surviving while newly made doughnuts are being sold fast.

“Maybe the humans forgot that I am almost one day old”- The Doughnut thought.

However, he is not very upset about it though. He is enjoying looking at the surrounding, the busy rush of people around the café, the world outside the windows. He never had an idea that there are so many things to see apart from the oven or the tray or the things that are being used in the baking.

“Ouch!! You are burning.”- The doughnut screamed at the sudden arriving on the top of him.

“Ouch! And you are so cold and old my friend”. The freshly made Doughnut smirked at him.

This is happening repeatedly since last few hours. He is getting colder while newly doughnuts are being made and thrown at the top of him. Even most of the chocolate syrup and sugar that was being sprinkled over him has slipped down and he is almost bare and looking pale. Due to which he is not catching the attention of the staff and sitting almost in the same position from one day.

The door opened with a cracking sound and the great-grandson of Jaggery brothers, Mr. William Jaggery entered the café. He is an old man who is very fond of leather hats and a smoking pipe. Even people believes that he must be having an extra room at his house for keeping his hats and pipes because no one has ever seen him without these two things. Though very fewer people from the town got a chance to visit his home they confirmed that he even wears these at his home. By nature, he is rude and arrogant and very blunt. So people try to avoid any confrontations with him. Especially the people who do not have a good financial status in the town because Mr. William hates poor.

The staff stood up and bowed at him at the moment he entered the café. They were not moving from their places and stand like robots because they are well aware that what is going to happen next.

“You useless humans! Oh lord! Why am I so unfortunate to get such ill-fitted employees for my café? What wrong have I done that I am getting punishment? All of you, give me your resignation letter in print by tomorrow morning. I am done with you better for nothing people”. Mr. William shouted at the top of his voice.

The staff and the customers looked perplexed. No one has the slightest clue what gone wrong. The customers are looking for the staff and the staff staring at each other.

“Why you all looking so confused? That means you people have no idea what is happening in the café. Great! What better can I expect from these useless staff?

The staff is still confused.

“Why the menu is still the same? Did I ask you to change the price yesterday? Have all of going blind or you all have been thinking that you all are the owners of this café?”

Denny, the manager came forward and with a low voice replied to Mr. William “We were about to do that sir!”

Mr. William showed Denny a signal to shut up and leave. Mr. William basically loves to shout but never really interested in listening to the explanations.

All this time sitting in the corner of the tray, the doughnut is lost in his thoughts. But his happiest thoughts seem to have disturbed by the scene going on in the café. He looked at Mr. William.

“What kind of person talks so loud and rough and don’t even want to listen to anybody around.”- Doughnut thought. “This owner must be very bad with customers too.”

The doughnut trying to feel what if he doesn’t go to any customer and stay there in the tray forever. That way he can enjoy more of the surroundings and can see different people. But he has a destiny and everything happens according to the destiny. He is a food and he means to be eaten.But thinking about all these he had some positive thoughts being a food he is having such a beautiful life. He can fill up a hungry stomach and what can be a more pure thing than that. Every living creature knows the importance of food that it is by no means less needed than air and water. The Doughnut feels proud of himself and a wave of happiness spread within him.

“Get out you dirty boy. How dare you to come and stand in front of the café? You won’t get anything from here. You little jerk!!”– Doughnut looked towards the door to see Mr. William is shouting at someone.

There is a little boy at the door looking all pale and shivering in cold and is looking desolately to Mr. William. The poor little boy is asking for some food so that his empty stomach gets a little relief since he is hungry for almost a day. He has no energy in his body to move an inch from there and hunger has left him all weak and sore. This café is his last hope of survival and adding to his bad luck Mr. William is present at that time who is well known for his behavior with poor people. Mr. William is still continuing to insult the poor soul with his never-ending bitter words of how the poor and underprivileged people are living in this world unnecessarily and how eradicating them from the world would make the world a much more beautiful place to live. The boy is now more depressed and he slightly moves away from the door and Mr. William slams the door behind him. The poor boy looked helplessly through the glass inside the café and his pale little eyes meet the doughnut tray inside.

The doughnut looks into the eyes of the boy and suddenly he feels the intense urge to go that boy. He realised that how much the little boy is craving for food and how much he would be happy to fill up the little stomach of that sad face. But he knows it well that nobody from the café staff will ever have that guts to go against Mr. William to feed the boy. The doughnut feels the same level of helplessness from which the boy is suffering. After looking for few minutes through the glass to the tray and seeing the constant threatening looks from Mr. William, the boy move away from the café towards the road.

“Alas! “- The doughnut moan a little in grief. “I pray that little soul gets something to eat today”.

After a busy day and constant orders from Mr. William, the café time is almost over and the staff is preparing for the closing. Surprisingly, the doughnut is still lying on the tray, unsold. It might be his mere wish or a pure bad luck that nobody has even noticed that comparing with the other doughnuts this one has lacked its freshness and looking dull.

“What is that? Take that out for me Maria.” Making true of every judgment about Mr. William that he has eyes of an eagle and those eyes spare nothing, he pointed towards the doughnut tray and particularly to that old doughnut.

Everyone gets worried that again something worse in its way. Maria slowly moves towards the tray and took out the doughnut and immediately she has to cover her nose because of a foul smell. She understood it quickly that they had made a huge mistake and now all going to get the result.

“What happens, lady? Cannot breathe? Isn’t your doughnuts smell awesome?”- Mr. William looking furiously at Maria and other staff. “You all will be fired soon, this time thankfully it did not go to any customer. But don’t think you all are spared. This month I am only making deductions from all of your salaries. But if the things don’t go smoothly from now onwards prepare yourselves for the worst.” Mr. William positioned his hat on his head and leave the café.

“How beautiful was our day!”-Peter smirked sarcastically at his colleagues. “Now I will take the honor of giving the utmost respect to the chief reason of our decreased salary for this month. May I madam?”- Peter asked for the Doughnut which Maria is holding all these time. He takes the Doughnut from Maria and open the back door of the café and using his full force he throws it to the dustbin at the corner of the road.

“Ouch! That hurts!!” – The Doughnut fell on its face not exactly in the dustbin but few inches away on the road.

“So this is the end. I wished for it although that I don’t go to any customer but it could have been be little better than this.” The doughnut thought.

Suddenly he feels a soft touch and turns to see that somebody has picked him up from the ground. His face turns bright when he looks at the face of the person who picks him up. It is none other than the little poor boy who came to café this afternoon asking for some food. In a totally sarcastic way, he finally got what he wished for. Only one hungry stomach he wanted to fill and now that person is holding him.

“Destiny!!” – The Doughnut smiled within himself.