Hello, greetings to everyone,

This time I thought let’s talk about what it is really meant to be a feminist or what is feminism in the true sense. In our country, you can see even in 2018 about more than half of the population of women is being questioned at every instance of their life. No, I am not an angry feminist, apparently, there is no such thing as an angry feminist. People just consider us angry when we talk about equality and that’s so mean at times. So let’s forget about our nation or any other nation and let’s consider it as a global thing. You know Homo Sapiens have a tendency to let the other down to broadcast the fact he/she is superior comparatively. It makes them feel stronger and better. So from the age of Adam and Eve, women you all know are physically less strong and aesthetically delicate so they are easy targets to let down especially by some men, not all of course. Women are easy to hit, easy to scold etc. Women have always been such easy targets and that is the reason for the gigantic history of violence against women.

Globally, women are being questioned about what they wear, what they say, what they have to do and what they choose for themselves and it has been so for many a century. Men still want us to be quiet or to be patient about it, I am sorry we can’t be like that anymore as it’s time to take a stand for our sake.

Imagine you wake up in the morning and you get dressed, eat your breakfast and about to leave for work and your mother said, ‘what you are wearing? it’s indecent, not sober’. People in each household are doing the same since you started wearing the clothes of your own choice. Isn’t it a bit offending? Well, it is. Men don’t have to think like that and women, OMG, have to think ‘n’ number of times before going anywhere be it a social gathering or an official meeting or anywhere, and the question is why?

Because of the fact “what other people would think about my clothes”. And it’s just a mere example of clothing we have to think and listen to other people before picking a career or job or a man either. I wonder what makes a Saree so divine and dress or revealing topper so indecent. My conclusion is it’s just the mentality. As long as she is comfortable and confident about her outfit what is wrong with that?

Let me tell you who are these people that question women.

The vast number of people is other women. Yes, True. These women don’t get surprised to question other women, for example, the mother, the aunts, the girlfriends they will question a girl more than anyone. Why can’t we just lift each other, empower each other and embraced each other? Why? Ask yourself.

We have to wrap our sanitary in a black bag so that people don’t know what we are buying because you know menstruations are still taboo. All the household works are majorly still done by women. Women still have to take permissions from husbands, boyfriends, and parents before making choices. A man marries a woman not because he loves her or wants to be with her but more than that, he marries her because he needs a caretaker for his house, someone who cooks, cleans, wipes and to have sex, to take care of his parents who are getting old forgetting the fact that she has parents  who are also getting old. I sometimes, get scared of all such things. We all are patriarchs somewhere and hypocrites somewhere.

Patriarchy lies within families where sisters and daughters-in-law don’t have the right to speak or to wear or to live the life of her own. It lies in the jobs where pregnant women get fired, where bosses ask women, employee, to have sex with them to get bonuses and promotions, where people thinks if she has got promoted then she might have seduced the HR or she might have an affair. Patriarchy is where all the households are done by mothers, sisters, and daughters-in-law where husbands and brothers sit on the couch while watching a cricket match. Patriarchy is where the daughter is being pressurized to get married soon because she is getting really old. Patriarchy is when a journalist questions actresses about their affair and marriages instead of their struggles. Patriarchy is in you.

Feminism is fighting against all such odds and demanding the same for women not more than men. A feminist is someone who has beliefs in such things.

And we are still considered “angry feminist”.

I beg all of you to “let us be” “let her be”.

Dear Girls,

As women, you don’t need anyone’s approval about what you wear?

What you do or what are you.

Find your choices.