Overcast sky turned into relentless raining. The black clouds touched one another and raindrops kissed the few bogies that were run by a steam engine. All the windows got bathed with the rain drops falling and swinging down the glass. The whole-set got into a gloomy look. So the chilling wind thrashed inside the cabin. One thing dear friends, it was not a motionless train at all; for anyone staying inside the train. Since the train was running too fast, it was just shaking and was making some grumbling sounds. In one of those cabins, there was a sweet and beautiful girl of 18. Her name was Srijona. She loved a boy Avidhan. But friends that boy was not in the train. There was another boy named Ryan, who loved Srijona at the best of his heart. But to the utter surprise, Avidhan did not know that Srijona loved him too much. In return, Srijona was not aware of the Ryan’s love for her. Meanwhile the train whistled and the motion of the train together with the monsoonal wind reduced the whistling sound. The force of the raindrops stroked the wheels of the train and it a made clinch slippery sound that alerted the train driver regarding the speed of the train. The train passed through the valley of great mountain range where the big trees were already drenched by the falling droplets.
Inside the train, both of them were talking and surpassing the time.
Srijona: hey, Ryan. I never asked you one thing!
Ryan: what? Ask!
Srijona: Is that…who are you, how big is your family, do you have anyone special in your life?
Ryan: Yes, I am Ryan, as you know a boy from a small town with lots of love and faith for his true ones. I have one cute sister and truly loving parents. So far as I know, I have one girl in my heart, but I can’t tell you now friend… sorry!
Srijona: ok!!! That’s fine!!!
But friends as you know Ryan truly loved her, but he didn’t tell her any of his feeling for her. They conversed with each other for more than three hours. Suddenly he went to other compartment to check his luggage. In the mean while as she was about to move, she saw a piece of paper thrashing out of Ryan’s hand bag that he forgot to take with. She at once took it out and started to read. In the paper, all of his feelings for her were clearly written. She thus completed the reading at last. She asked him directly about all these and he answered in affirmative. Both of them became silent after she told about her love, Avidhan.
Before her actual destination to come, Avidhan told her that, he would come and meet her on that railway station.
The train stopped after a long run. Avidhan came to the station to meet her. The stoppage was for 15 minutes. Avidhan hugged her and asking the usual stuffs.
Avidhan: Srijona, do you know Srijona, I am in love!
Srijona: hmm… who is she? May I know…?
She, Srijona was very happy as she knew what he was going to tell, but the nature wanted this in a different way.
Avidhan: here is my girl, Srijona… see.
Another girl came forward.
Avidhan: she is Maya, my lady love!
It was shocking for Srijona to know and she stood still.
Mean while the train started to whistle and started moving. She ran to the train without uttering a single piece of word. Everything was observed clearly by Ryan. He just followed. On the same moment, she lost her love and lost her untold proposal. She was damn broken.
She decided to suicide. She came near the door and attempted to jump. She just raised one of her leg. Ryan caught her behind and led her inside. She knelt down crying with her lost tears rolling down her cheeks.
Ryan: what if all these… I don’t care… just listen!
Srijona: I lost my love Ryan.
Ryan: if you listen to me, there is one thing! I can be yours for dear… I love you dear. It is true!
Srijona: Why…?
She just hugged him and for both, the train in motion became a ‘motionless train.’
In your life, there may be some you like most as your soul mate. But I will say, that may not be your right decision to go with. Means in the long run, it may derive your tears out. So, I will say love someone who loves you, not necessarily whom you love.