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A Palette Of Feelings By Namrata Talukdar | Poetry Book




Namrata Talukdar hails from Guwahati. Earlier an IT Lecturer by profession, she has always been inclined to the literary field. She is an active contributor to the Assam Tribune and her poems speak a lot about human nature and morality. She is also an active blogger for the popular parenting site ‘My CityFor Kids’ and her own blog ‘The Dreamer’ is a must read for interesting articles. ‘A Palette of feelings’ is her maiden poetry book with thirty soulful poems.

A PaLETTE Of Feelings | Collection of Poems | By Namrata Talukdar

The Poet in her maiden attempt had jotted down her entwined thoughts amalgamating her own life experiences, people she had admired so long and the incidences she had been in since her childhood. Some poems in the collection could be seen dedicated to the beauty of places she had been to whereas some poems hail her love for God. This poetry book consists of thirty soulful poems where her mind’s projection of various thoughts towards life and things influencing her life could be seen. She started the collection by dedicating a poem to Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. She had praised him for his contributions in making India a powerful deterrent state and also for inspiring millions of Indians by his simple living and high thinking. Finally, the poet concluded the poem saluting this great man as, ‘You are revered as one of the greatest teachers. Thank You Sir. In few of the poems in the collection, she had credited God in her own finest ways. From glorifying the holy chants of Lord Hanuman to subjecting ‘Humanity’ as God’s own religion, she had upheld the real virtue of religion. The depiction also showed her utmost devotion to her God. Her sense of womanhood was clearly projected in one of her poems where she delved deep describing the beauty of a woman that made other envy of her. The poet believes a woman and her beauty is secondary to her womanhood which could influence others’ mind. In one of the poems she depicted her childhood in a vibrant manner where she seemed to miss her childhood like anything. In another one, she explains what solitude feels like in true sense. In few of her poems, she had ascribed the elements of nature in a flamboyant style. In total, all the thirty poems had depicted vibrantly her perceptions towards life, her responses towards downfalls, her love for God and nature, her introspection into the human existence and her admiration towards some of the great man who had walked the earth. This poetry collection is an engaging read for poetry lovers who crave for the deepest meaning of life and nature around us.  

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