It’s beautiful everything that was unsaid by us!! Everything was cold. But it was not the weather though Shillong is a very cold place! It was the silence that suddenly surrounded us!! Everything seemed so still like life instead of pushing us forward, pulled us back! Our eyes hopefully glazed for some hope, some feelings that could make us smile just for a moment. A tiny little moment; this sincerely forgave us for our unsaid tears! It was all empty n bluer!! Our heart had a hope of us being happy again like those days when our innocence ruled our raising dreams.

Tears often flow within our heart. Gazing at the sky above us, and hoping for a bright day to dawn, we were sad and prayed to god for happiness in life, as loneliness made our lives really miserable. We were the poor angles, who cried in silence for a land of peace, where we would find warm and true company, where once again we could lead a happy life.

Though we lived in the “Green-Destination – Shillong”, the pride of North-East India, yet, something was missing in our lives. A companion that anyone could embrace our unborn tears and a mate who could hold our bleeding hands. At last, our heavenly Father fulfilled our dreams.

It was one of the most boring and clumsy day, our mind was all blank filled up with all the equations that we remembered but we forgot!! We were forced to stand in the assembly line and say the same old prayers but this time we were praying with all our heart n soul, so that we pass in our unprepared exams!! Now that we know our school hasn’t burnt down or got blowed up !! Then suddenly like a silver lining names were called as “SAMHITA DAS”  and “JURISMITA PUZARI”, among all the students, who weren’t allowed to appear there exams!! Our parents had done the most wonderful thing by not paying our fees on time. We were full of joy, for we didn’t have to appear for our exams now,and the best part was, it wasn’t our fault. But suddenly our hearts dampened to the flour where our unpolished shoes were resting beneath us!! The students with no dignity begged to the poor teachers to allow us to appear in our exams!! Our hopes were all shattered. We started recollecting our forgotten equations. Just then I heard a name called “Samhita Das”. It was the loud, sweet voice of our Principal Ma’am on the micro-phone, and I realised that it was no one else but me.I turned around and saw another young girl whose name was also called up “Jurismita Puzari”, standing beside me. A girl with such a broad smile! I smiled back, but my smile was filled with questions…!!! “Who..?? How..??… Why?? Do I know her???”

While my mind was wondering about such unanswered questions, Jurismita spoke the first ever sentence of our friendship. Here, I slowly raised my hand towards her for a warm hand-shake. Well, I had heard about her from one of my friend in Guwahati. With a delightful, charming smile, I gave my introduction and answered all her questions. Her firm determined look had compelled me to stretch my empty hand towards her for a warm and true friendship. She took hold my hand firmly, with the confidence of being a true friend.

As the passed by, we became closer to each other, shared our emotions, and built our dreams. We started sharing every little thought and dream with each other, and started asking for each other’s advice and opinions before taking every small decision. We became like the soft pillow for each other, which we could hug when we were in trouble, could cry on when we were in pain, and could embrace when we were happy.

Everyone wishes for someone in their lives who can understand them. A selfless relationship is that which makes us feel a kind of happiness in the happiness of others. If one is happy, the other gets a reason to smile…, if one succeeds, the other gets a reason to celebrate the success…, if one is in trouble, the other gets to stretch her hands towards the other for a warm hug…, if tears flows from one’s eyes, the other catches them with her soft hands, and provides support and solace. Likewise, we now share each and every moment of our life with our friends.

We recalled the day when we first met and started off with a blank look, and then with a “hello”, and then converting it into a casual “hey”. We soon made castles in the air, and climbed the highest mountains in our dreams. Today by writing about our friendship, we want to reflect on how much we mean to each other..!! The emptiness which we felt sometime back, is now no more. Thus, we have built our own world of peace and happiness…



JURISMITA PUZARI (T.D.C 3rd yr (geography). Darrang College, Tezpur. Assam)