We call it “mother nature”, but have you ever wondered why?
Nature is denoted as mother, because she cares for us just the way a mother does.
Yes, she gets angry at times, and we all know what happens when a mother get’s angry.
Comparing earthquakes with the way her body vibrates with anger.
Comparing floods with how she cries but with continuous scoldings,
And droughts with how she stops talking.
Nature is a lot like a typical mother.

Comparing rains with her showers of blessings
Comparing sun with her warmth
Comparing winters with her laughter when she’s sick.

But the most important thing, nature has everything that we need.
Just like our mother.
No matter how, she always gets us the thing that we want.
But that’s just how she is and how she cares.

But if we talk about how nature protects us,
Then we see the trees, that provide us shade and protect us from the wrath of the sun.
We see fruits and vegetables, that calm our hunger.
We see greenery, that soothes our eyes.

Mother nature has given us all, more than we can ever count.
Be it food, work, home, medicine and most of all, life.

But what are we doing?
Destroying her,
Harming her,
Making her cry in the corner.
We don’t understand how important it is to cherish her.
We don’t understand what we are losing.
We don’t understand that it’ll be too late if we don’t stop.

We’re cutting down forests and building homes.
We’re buring down trees and building factories for making papers.
We’re releasing harmful gases in the air without realising how it is killing our mother nature.

We don’t realise that, the death of nature is the death of humanity.
We’re all dying with the nature.

There’s an old saying,
“You realise the importance of a thing, when someone takes it away from you.”

But here in this case, if we don’t stop it now, we won’t have that realisation period for ourselves. It’ll all be gone.

All the wealth, the status, the society, the fame…for nothing.
So here is what i ask,
Take initiative, the calamities will outnumber us if we don’t stand together and save our mother nature.
Because, this time, a mother needs her children to save her.
We are indebted.
We cannot pay all the debts she has put us under.
But we definitely can make her smile if we do our bit sincerely. Just like how our mother smiles when we make her a cup of tea. Though it’s not big, but it definitely helps.
Mother nature is not asking us to stop growing, it is asking to start doing what is to be done.
I think we can do that, can’t we?