The Garhwal region of Uttarakhand is very rich in History but if you are a nature & trekking lover, there is a treasure to discover in the deep valleys of Himalayas. We trek one of the beautiful treks of Uttarakhand named as “ Satopanth & Swargarohini “. Before starting the description of this trek I would like to introduce these places. Actually Satopanth is a taal means pond , and it is believed that the Trimurti of Lord Shiva , Lord Brahma and lord Vishnu come here to dip and take bath on the auspicious day of Ekadashi i.e the 11th day of the Hindu Calendar . So it becomes very auspicious along-with adventure to reach there on this particular day , and we were fortunate enough that we were there on this auspicious day to take a dip . This pond is always remain filled with green coloured water and always remain very clean as it is believed that there is a couple of pigeons who takes all the straws of the pond and maintains it clean always .

Another story related with Swargarohini is from the epic of The Mahabharatha . As all of we know that Pandavas killed their own people and relative so , they wanted to take “Moksha” and for this process they traveled to heaven on foot . as the way was full of difficulties and bad weather conditions and a lot of glaciers so they could not reach to the Heaven . Swarg means Heaven in Hindi . only The eldest Pandav Yudhishthira could reach to the Heaven in his body , otherwise all rest four Pandavas and Draupadi lost their lives on the route .

This beautiful trek starts exactly from the very popular temple of Badrinath in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand . after starting from the Badrinath , you will cross Anand Van and Dhano glacier to reach Laxmi van .Meanwhile you will see “Chamtoli” where ITBP camp is established permanently.  First day stay will be at Laxmi Van , about 8 km away from badrinath Temple. This is the place where One of the Pandavas Sahadev lost his life . Here you may see a small forest of teak trees . It is very interesting to know that generally you can’t see trees above the height of 3000 meters but it is amazing as Laxmi Van is at 3300 meters from MSL. Next day , we should start early as we have to reach next point named as “ Chakrateerth” . This leg is of about 8-10 km distance and you will counter some very beautiful water streams . These are countless in number and named this place as “Sahastradhara” . here at Sahastradhara , another Pandav Nakul lost his life due to bad weather conditions. After taking a dip in its chilled water , you will have to proceed to Chakrateerth for your today’s stay.

Chakrateerth is a wide green field and have some caves to stay or to cook your meal.  This is the place where Great Pandav Arjun lost his life . Take rest here and watch the beautiful peaks of Hathi Parvat , Chaukhabha etc. Next day , means 3rd day of this will the final day to reach Satopanth Taal . But this leg is very difficult to pass as there are many crevasses on the route . You have to move on the solid ice and glaciers but beware from these crevasses as  it is believed that these are the real danger of an expedition. After moving 7-8 km and about 7-8 hrs , you will see a green water body , yes ! This is Satopanth !!  Satopanth is the place where Bheem , one of the Pandavas  lost his life as he has proud on his strength. Take a dip and take rest for full day here . Satopanth is at 4600 meters from MSL.  Next day Morning , starts to swargarohini which is about 5-6 km from Satopanth . After reaching close to Swargarohini , you will some steps on a peak , which are supposed that these are the stairs to go to Heaven i.e Swarg ki Seedhiyan in Hindi. Only Yudhishthira could reach upto this point and it is believed that God came himself to receive on the door of Heaven. Try to reach same day from Swargarohini as the temperature remains very low there . you may easily reached upto Chakrateerth on the same day and next day you will be finally in the town of Badrinath.

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