Dawki is a border town located town located in the West Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya, India. It is about 90 km from the capital city of Shillong. One can take a car or book a taxi or even bus services are available to Dawki from Shillong. The roads to Cherapunjee and Mawlynong can also found on the way to Dawki that cuts on the right from the main road.

Half of the road to Dawki was full of dense fog. The drivers use dippers while passing through the roads. At this point it was felt deeply why this place is named as Meghalaya, as this road does justice to the word Meghalaya- the abode of clouds. Though it was risky; we cannot let those moments go away from our hand. So we asked our super cool chauffeur to stop for a while so that we can go out and enjoy the foggy and chilled atmosphere outside. He even helped us in clicking our pictures among the cloud lad hills and fog stained trees beside the road we were on.

Nearby that point, we went for a few steps ahead and had our delicious breakfast in a restaurant. We then started our forward journey to Dawki. Dawki is situated on the border between India and Bangladesh. It has the magnificent Umngot river which has nowadays become a popular tourist destination due to its crystal clear water and the flamboyant backdrop of hills. However, during the monsoonal period, the water does look quite muddy as the high flash water passes and mixes throughout the river route.

Dawki Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Umngot river that connects India to Bangladesh and facilitates trade between the two nations. Dawki-Tamabil border route is mainly used for coal transportation to Bangladesh. The tourists can take boat rides on Umngot river to explore the unexplored greenish banks and fine clear water of the same. This beautiful river at the same time drew my attention to the illegal immigration culture that has been cultured for a long time in this border area. On my way to Dawki, I saw various people taking bath and cleaning clothes in the water of the Umngot river. Although the BSF soldiers do not promote such culture near this area or allow them to come towards India’s side.

I personally found the situation quite unpleasant while standing on the Dawki-Janabil border crossings, one can see the Bangladeshi sellers coming to India’s side to see their kinds of stuff, such Jhalmurhis, and Pickles to the out-passing tourists.During that time as per my observation. I saw the soldiers arriving at the site to command those sellers to move back to their side.

TheDhaka-Ghy via Shillong bus service that was flagged off by the Ex. CM of Assam, Shri Tarun Gogoi in Assam and also by the PMs of both the countries at Dhaka representing the friendliness status between the two nations. The buses pass through this popular route from transiting between India and Bangladesh.

It is, therefore, more of a friendly border. There is no border security fencing just some boundary markers between the two nations. This border always has seen movements of people and goods back and forth. However, the road to Dawki needs some serious improvement for a certain stretch of 10 km between the entire journey on this road. We have seen various waterfalls on the way and I, with my friends enjoyed those. Thus cherishing whatever I experienced in the Dawki-Mawlynong border road, our journey route.

It was memorable and worth sharing journey I have explored. Do visit this place.

Traveller Name: Dorodi Dutta.