Hello all,

This is Saahil here, to share an amazing experience with the wildlife and nature’s beauty. The place I will be talking about is known as ‘the hub of leopards: The Jawai leopard conservation zone’ around Bera area in Rajasthan. We had a close experience with the beautiful family of big cats.

Godwad leopard safari is organised and managed by Rajputana Adventures. Few of my friends recommended this tour company for the trip we were planning. We were overwhelmed to see all the arrangements done on time including our transportation.


Day 1: So, we started our trip from the meeting point at Fatehpura circle. Our guide and a driver were waiting to pick us up. We started quite early and it was cold. I live in a city called Udaipur which is popularly known as “The City Of Lakes” and the distance between our trip location i.e Kumbhalgarh and Udaipur is nearly a 3-hour drive. Udaipur being an emerging favourite tourist place has good connectivity through rail, air, and road.

We reached the place at around 11 in the morning and had a whole day in front of us. We were welcomed in a typical Rajasthani traditional way by the staff and locals. Our guide explained about the activities we were to do on our 2-day stay.

Our first activity included a power-packed tasty breakfast served with love before we started off for visiting the local village and school on our bicycles. On our way, we were greeted so nicely by the locals who were very happy to have us around. After visiting schools, we went to have tea at our local guide’s home. After having tea, we went to try our hands on fishing and lunch thereafter.

By 4 in the evening we were scheduled for our first leopard spotting, it was an amazing off-road drive through the rocky hills and our guide knew the perfect place to spot leopards. We were fortunate enough to spot a family of leopards resting and having a good time. After having our evening tea with the sun setting down, we came to our tents to get ready for dinner with cultural and folk performance by local artists.
Being a Rajasthani, I learnt and saw the real cultural essence with such a close view like never before.

Day 2: After an exciting day 1, we were off to explore the Kumbhalgarh fort which was a treat to eyes and an experience to remember. Then we went to the Jain temple in Ranakpur.

The trip coming to an end with a small walking trip and then we were on our way back home. Overall this was a trip to remember and I had a very good time, in fact, a much needed time out with my friends.

The whole trip including meals, transportation, safari and daily activities cost me close to 20k which is a fairly decent deal. It can be visited at any time of the year but the best climatic conditions would be in mid-spring or rainy season to experience the beauty of nature. Before coming to this place/ deciding the place, talk to the tour operator and ask them to design an itinerary for you to avoid any hassle. Happy Journeying to this beautiful hub of leopards.