Panchmarhi: The queen of this hilly terrain, the Satpura Range of mountains is truly mesmerizing. It is the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi is at a height of more than 3000 ft. and has a pleasant weather all year around. There should be no slightest doubt why the British then found it irresistible, both due to its unique location, pleasant weather and due to its quaintness for relaxing.

Places to visit in Panchmarhi

  • Shri Panch Pandav Caves.
  • Bison Lodge Museum
  • Handi Khoh
  • Jatashankar Temple
  • Bee Falls
  • Reechgarh
  • Panchmarhi Lake

The Travel Blog

The train from Hazrat Nizamuddin (Delhi) to Pipariya is simply a night journey of around 6-8 hours. Pipariya is the station you need to get down at to reach Pachmarhi. With just Rs INR 300 per person, the driver agreed to take us(me and fellow travellers) in his Tavera (share basis). It is around 57 km journey between Pipariya and Pachmarhi. While our vehicle ran through the silky roads, twisted and turned through the entire valley. We experienced the greenery of the dense forest. My friend Devarshi joined me within a few hours at Panchmarhi as he was arriving from Nagpur using State Transport Public Bus.

We booked in one of the hotels in Panchmarhi. After good lunch, we explore the streets of Panchmarhi town. It was a small town full of hotels, resorts, stores, food outlets and restaurants and could be explored with an hour of walking up and down the hill. We tried capturing whatever we could until the sun set that day and we headed back to the hotel after having light dinner by 8 PM.

Devarshi and I woke up late in the morning next day. Anyhow after a good breakfast we luckily got to book the last Safari Jeep of the day. You need to book Safari Jeep at the booking counter in Bison Lodge Centre. In and around the Lodge centre you can enjoy beautiful gardens and the various art works. As the Jeep needed atleast 6 people to equally distribute the cost, luckily we found a family of four as late as me and Devarshi. So after long que and 1.5 hours waiting, we started our journey towards different points and location. The policy was simple. The Jeep would take you to the gate of certain location or point, then you need to explore and trek until the final point.

We reached our first point, Handi Khoh after good amount less steep trekking. The meeting point of two valleys in Handi Khoh with full of lush green forest was a mesmerizing experience. You can eat Maggi or have soft drinks from near my stalls in case you are hungry or thirsty, enjoy the fresh air and capture the moments. The next location was Jata Shankar Temple where we have come to experience various folklore and had seen tribal people and their Ayurvedic culture. You should know Panchmarhi is famous for its Ayurvedic resources.

Heading to our next location was Pandava Caves where you need to go upstairs to see the Cave. It is believed to be one of the caves used by the Great Pandavas of Mahabharata during their exile. There were amusement parks nearby that area. Kids can surely enjoy several playthings stored for them. The cave has been maintained well by MP Tourism Department of the State. After a short boat ride over the Panchmarhi Lake, we tried Parasailing near to that area. Trust me, it was an experience of the lifetime for me and Devarshi.

After a good amount of trek, we reached Bee Falls while you can enjoy the chilly cold water of the falls and forget everything for some time. We did a photography session and tried capturing the best of nature. As the sun was about to set, we headed to Reechgarh where you can see different types of caves and hills made by nature itself. We explored and captured as much as possible. Near to this hill point was the popular Echo Point where you can shout anything and experience the natural echo in between the vast valley.

We returned back to the hotel by evening 9 PM after re-exploring the town later in the night and enjoyed each other’s birthday treat with the same family we toured along. Devarshi and I have the same Birth month. The next day, Devarshi took the same public transport to Nagpur and I went to Pipariya Railway Station to catch my train to Delhi.

Fun Fact

Panchmarhi was discovered by Captain James Forsyth in the year of 1862 as a military sanitarium where medical facilities were set to be set up for local administration. Later on, this town at an altitude of 3550 ft. above the sea level turned out to be the summer capital of the Central Province during the British Raj. There is a popular hill peak point known as Forsyth point giving a picturesque view of the entire valley. This point was later renamed as “Priyadarshini Point” after the name of our late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.