The majestic snow clad mountains, the cover of greenery around and magnificent lakes, wonderful relics of Shimla derived from its previous life as the summer capital of British India welcomes you to experience the timeless beauty. Called as ‘Queen of Hills’ by the Indian Vacationers is one of the most visited Hill Stations of India. Here are some of the leading attractions of Shimla:

The Ridge And The Mall Road:

The hilltop traffic banned road or you can say Shimla’s hilltop hotspot extending east from Scandal Point is called the Ridge. Its flamboyant scenic beauty attracts strolling locals and tourists all day. In clear sunny day which is rare, the snow-clad peaks can be clearly visible to the north of Ridge. The Mall road is connected to the Ridge at the Scandal point, where a statue of the nationalist leader Lala Lajpat Rai can be seen there. The Mall Road and The ridge together make it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shimla that enfolds many hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, banks, shops, offices, post offices, and tourist offices.

Christ Church

At the Ridge’s east end, stands a creamy yellow English Christ Church, opened in 1846. This is one of the oldest standing and one of the most popular churches in northern India. Tourists sit outside the Shimla’s most famous landmark, Christ Church and experience the best view of Mall Road and scenic beauty of the Mountains. It contains some touching British times relics and typical Victorian Styled glass in its windows and doors.

Jakhu Temple

Dedicating to Lord Hanuman, Shimla’s most popular temple sits at the topmost hill in Shimla, a steep road but it is all worth of 1.2 km up from the east end of the Ridge. Appropriately, hundreds of Langur, the Baanar Sena around the temple, hoping for gifts of prasad from the worshippers and tourists. They have a habit of snatching loose objects at the temple gate. So be careful. You can look up the big idol of Lord Hanuman before entering the temple. Down the temple to the other side is a special kind of restaurant where you can see a big pine tree passing through it.

Kalka Simla Railway

Sailing through the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Kalka-Shimla toy train is like traveling back in the time of British Raj India. During summer, the winter loving British administration used to shift to Shimla from Delhi and hence they built this railway part in 1903 to provide access to their summer capital of Shimla. This railway journey provides one of the most scenic train journeys in India which can only be compared to Railway in Kandy-Colombo Railways in Srilanka. It puts an elixir in your mind as you happen to travel as it gradually starts progressing up the hill along the narrow track, through 130 tunnels and more than 50 bridges, rugged mountains and pine forests aided by the chilling wind of the forest.


Kufri is a small hill station located near Shimla. Almost 18 Km from the Shimla town. It is known for its trekking and hiking trails. Adventurers visit Kufri in winters to enjoy skiing, Ziplining, tracking, go-karting and tobogganing and many more. Kufri is also famous for its nature parks, superb viewing spots, Apple garden and picnic spots. From Kufri, one can view the famous terrestrial spots like Viceregal Lodge, Bollywood Cinematic Temple, and the famous Apple Garden.