We all have heard taught and read about Marie Curie somewhere but who actually she was, what made her that after a century her name is revived ever since. Maybe this moment onwards you will have a different perception of her.

Marie Sklodowska Curie was born in the peaceful land of Poland. Being a daughter of a teacher father and mother as well literacy always had Marie’s keen interest. Marie’s was youngest of three siblings. But during that period education to a certain level was relevant for women in Poland. Even in the 21st century women has to fight for their basic rights. Hypocrisy towards women isn’t an issue of the certain country. It is a global issue. So, after School, her love for education brought to a situation where she did her graduation from an underground university. After graduation, Marie wasn’t ready to leave what she loves to do. She became a part of a Student revolution and fought like solider in war and left her motherland for Paris for further studies.   There raised a question from where did Marie get such esteem to fought over quite adaptable circumstances for others. As we know when you educate a Woman you educate a generation. Born in an educated family she knew that just because they say does not make it right, it can be wrong as well if you feel so. Education is the very first step for solace. Paris was the turning point. In Paris, Marie did her post graduation and met the person whom she found eternal solace, Pierre Curie. Within a year they got married.  After this solace of two soul’s finances was dilemma both worked as teachers.

The study of spontaneous radiation by Henry Becquerel was going to bring out the golden period of Marie’s life. After this discovery by Becquerel Marie and the husband started researching on Radioactivity and the couple shared half of the Nobel Prize with Becquerel for Radioactive discovery. Radium and Polonium were discovered from the residues of Uranium, a new era of Modern sciences was found. But life is a game flaw and haunts. Pierre died in a car accident, Marie was shattered. Researchers on the peak, no measure of income and inland of conservative beliefs mother of two daughters alone. Marie was fighter she stood up and took control of her life and her daughters too. Became the first woman to be a professor at the university of Paris, directed the Currie laboratory and was an incredible mother. Hard work leads to a path of success. Marie got another Nobel Prize for her contribution in chemistry. In successive years Marie’s discoveries were used by solider in WWI. Radium was magic, being used in X-rays, Cancer and luminous things. People use to apply radium on there for the skin. Radium was gold. Marie’s hard work was paying her well. Like each story has an end, the end was near. The doctor got toxic in the blood of some sick people, complain rose from where this is spreading in people. After little study result was accurate Radium was toxic. Marie death due to exposure to radioactivity made it pretty sure, Radium was banned. Lately, the elder daughter Irene discovered artifice radioactivity and took her mother’s work to the next level. Marie got several awards but her contribution is eternal. Today if doctors are able to cure tumors that are all Marie’s determinations. Marie is a perfect example of an empowered woman, mother and worthy being.


    “In life, nothing should be feared we all just need to understand this”

Marie Curie