Aashna Hashmi is a budding fashion designer and hails from Wadsa, a small town near Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is a young dynamic 20-year-old girl, born on 21st September 1997.  She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing from INIFD, Nagpur while she did her schooling from Christanand School, Brahmapuri and continued her college from Janta College, Chandrapur.

Aashna had a very normal childhood and a very normal family.She loves playing cricket with her brother and is the apple of his eye. She is also very fond of cooking. On asking her about her inspiration on the choice of her career, she says she wanted to do something different. Mostly all the elders in her family are into engineering and thus she didn’t want to pursue the same. She was adamant on this but very clear about her goals, so, she came to Nagpur against her father’s wish to continue with her love for fashion designing. Her dad wanted her to be an architect.

Just like everybody, Aashna has also seen her share of good and bad times. She lost her father when she was in her 1st year and this incident broke her and demotivated her to keep going. It was very hard for her to continue knowing that her father had disagreed with her career choice and was upset about the same. She could not handle the guilt. But thanks to her mother and brother, who both went extra miles for her just to see her fulfil her dream. They did not let Aashna miss her father, let alone being guilty and upset in any way. Her mentor, Mr. Saurabh Kumar, motivated her through the thick and thins and encouraged her to stick to her dreams and follow her heart. Her gratitude for her mentor is visible through her expressions and by the smile, she has on her face, every time she speaks about him.

She received the prestigious “INIFD Designer Award, 2016”  at the end of her 1st year, which in itself is an achievement worth mentioning. While in conversation with Aashna, she mentioned to us on a lighter note, that when she was a kid, she used to draw human figures with different types of undergarments, which would automatically change its colour, if the person wearing it pees in it!! So one can understand that Aashna has a really fun and creative angle to her personality. She is sometimes kiddish in her behaviour but really mature in her work. Talking about her unusual work, Aashna has also designed a non-textile garment. It was completely made of paper and pencil waste. As mentioned earlier, her innovation and thinking are always out of the box, always have that creative edge, as told by her peers. She is inspired by the great designer Tarun Tahiliani to design garments for males too. Aashna makes her own accessories and at present, she has her own label named, “Alarasi- Anything for You”.

We at Thousand Miles, wish her good luck for all her future endeavours and express great appreciation for her mother and brother for being supportive to her dreams and helping in carving out such a fine and passionate fashion designer for the country.

Thousand Miles to look forward to Aashna!

INIFD Designer Award, 2016 (Ceremonial Award Gallery)

Her Designed Wardrobe on-roll: