Location 1: MIHAN – Multi-modal International Cargo Hub at Nagpur

Location 2: Dr. Anjali and Dr. Purabi Edbor’s Home: A home done tastefully with aesthetic interiors. It has artistic touch of statement art pieces and brings the ideology of the owner to life with the presence of simple yet elegant upholstery.
Model: Purabi Edbor

Location : Step Inn Restaurant, Law College Square, Nagpur: Back in mid 90’s, when ours was a little sleepy city, we introduced Nagpur to ‘al fresco dinner’. With a delectable variety of multi-cuisine  delights, we have carved a place in the hearts and palates of the people of Nagpur.

Our pride is a handpicked compilation of recipes, inspired from Mom’s traditional cook book to tempered variations of selected recipes gathered during our extensive travels.
Model: Anisha Sharma