It’s the time of the season where love runs high…”, come February and one just can’t miss those red, pink and white hearts everywhere, an eye assault for the many single hearts and of course a happy love filled feeling for the other lucky-in-love ones. They do make everyone smile though, in their hearts at-least, even people like me who find all the lovey-dovey decorations funny and illogical. But to each his own, most people will argue that if you love someone you don’t need a special day to show it…what I feel is, well each day is different, everyone is so busy and buried deep in their mundane daily chores that sometimes yes, those big red hearts do help to remind you that you should get a bunch of blood red roses for her, for that happy surprised smile or that something he always wanted, whatever you gift or maybe not get a gift at all, it’s the expression of emotions that matters the most. A simple moment to say those 3 beautiful words “I love you”, that’s all that matters, because everyone means the world to someone, somewhere.

And by that, Valentine’s Day does not mean to be an only “boyfriend-girlfriend” celebration. The beauty about it is that it reminds you of those special people in your life, how much they mean to you, your mom, your dad or your best friend. Of course it gives those couples an all the more reason to go out on a date, smile at each other, love filled looks et al.

I, myself quite dread those hearts and ribbon decorations though, and even if you’re out with your friends, those aunties give you that weird funny “o couple” look 😛 . but it’s nice to have huge billboards reminding me to call mom and say how much she means to me and yes, my best friend, to scream over the phone even though we are a thousand miles apart and indulge in endless gossip, which of course does include anti-red-heart-balloons-everywhere discussions, sometimes I am amazed at the amount of gossiping and bitching we can do over the phone, all thanks to Airtel 1.2 paise calls per minute.. haha.

Well coming back to the cuter and sweeter things in this season of love as we all call it, typing this article in freezing Delhi under my blankets, I am laughing like a moron all alone, remembering those silly school time valentine’s day plans we all made as kids, I am sure everyone must have their own stories, those secret date plans, hiding the roses, gifts and what not from our parents, all in the name of love, I bet you all are smiling too, thinking about those days. And even now a lot of my friends do have some huge celebration plans under way, in fact the other day a friend of mine was contemplating whether a classic huge heart shaped cushion would be too difficult and obvious to hide for her better half, funny, but love does make you do crazy things, because love is crazy, that’s the whole insanely beautiful point of it, no matter how cheesy it sounds, you will smile and feel loved.

It makes you want to move mountains, to be with the one you love, like magic or so I’ve heard. Every love story has a charm of its own, they are like movies, only real. Epic and captivating.

And me personally, since I’ll be interning and working like crazy I hope I’ll have some time to enjoy a blueberry cheese cake on 14th Feb and listen to my favourite love tracks, will ditch the love of my life Pink Floyd for once and listen to some Elton John, Lobo or Shakin’ Stevens. Of course someday I too hope I get to have a slow dance with my prince charming to those tracks. Till then I’ll dream on.

So here’s wishing everyone a happy and love filled Valentine’s day, hopefully no political party forces some couple to get married in the name of anti-western culture 😛 and in the heat of the moment listen to “I only want to be with you” by Dusty Springfield, yes, I am a huge oldies fan. Hope all of you get huge fluffy red hearts and smile all day long. To all the single hearts, someday you will meet your soul mates too, to make you feel all fuzzy in love and wear stupid love filled smile, because love simply has that power.

So spread some love.