Alpha 2018 Movie Details

Directed by: Albert Hughes
Music by: Joseph S. DeBeasi
Starring: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson
Edited by: Sandra Granovsky
Production House: Columbia Pictures, The Picture Company and Studio 8.
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Releasing
Budget: $ 51 Million


Displaying a small tribe during Upper Paleolithic Europe, 21,000 years in the past, the hunter-gatherers prepares for the gathering food for winter as the winter would be severe as always in this region. The tribe’s Chief Tau trains his young son, Keda(Kodi Smit-McPhee) for the hunt along with other young boys in the tribe. Keda’s mother seems tensed as the training progresses but Tau looks confident.

Tau tests Keda in their traditional style of killing a boar, which Keda fails to do. During their night before the hunt, the party’s bonfire attracts a Machairodus, saber-toothed cat, which jumps and runs through their men’s circle, taking away Keda’s friend. As they hear the death cry in the darkness, the tribe gives him up on him thinking he is dead. The member is seen given a traditional memorial service by placing rocks one upon another to symbolize the passing of one’s spirit to the afterlife.

The hunt of a herd of Steppe Bison begins the next day. They plan to create a stampede off the cliff for the entire herd. As the hunting mission seems on track, one such bison runs towards Keda and hits him to let him off the cliff along with it. Keda breaks his one of his legs as he falls and it knocks him down as he goes unconscious lying on a flat in-between ledge. Tau attempts to recover him but is stopped by other members of the tribe as they believe he is dead and the ledge seems not reachable. The tribe with deep regret performs the traditional memorial for Keda and leaves the place.

Keda awakes as he suddenly opens his eyes and finds a vulture trying to scavenge on him. He retreats. He makes attempt to climb the rest of the way down the cliff. A heavy downpour rainfall creates a flood. Losing his grip, Keda jumps into the flowing water of the flood down the cliff. He survives anyhow and becomes successful in splinting his injured foot before returning to the top of the cliff. Seeing the memorial rocks left by his tribe, he realizes he must go back to the village all by himself.

One such night on his way back he is attacked by a pack of wolves but manages to escape by climbing up a tree and in the process, he strikes one of them wounded which the others leave behind. Keda could not kill it rather cares for its injury. Day in, day out as the time passes he gains the wolf’s trust. He seems to help the wolf in feeding food and water. He starts to set out for his village without the wolf, but it follows him. Their association with each other grows. They start hunting together and Keda finally names the wolf as ‘Alpha’.

A pack of wolves approaches suddenly with Alpha and Keda in between. They hesitate to move ahead as it recognizes Alpha, who moves forward and greets the pack. The pack runs away with Alpha after taking permission from Keda. Keda further continues his aloof journey as the weather changes to severe winter with bone-chilling wind and snowflakes all over. On his way upon a frozen lake, he again encounters a pack of wolves feeding on a dead animal. Recognizing one of the wolves as Alpha he runs to them, but unfortunately, the ice breaks down and he falls deep inside the ice-covered water. Alpha reaches the spot and rescues him. In the next part, they have reunited again.

Progressing further, they find a dead man frozen outside his tent. Keda finds a bow and arrow from it. Feeling exhausted and stricken by ice-cold temperature, they take refuge inside a cave where they are attacked by the same Machairodus that killed Keda’s friend during their night before the hunt amidst the bonfire. Alpha jumps into the fight with Machairodus which tries to attack Keda. Keda kills the Machairodus with the arrow and bow he had in the process. In the fight, Alpha is seriously injured and the traveling further together becomes difficult for them. When Alpha finally cannot walk owing to his several injuries, Keda carries the wolf. The severe cold has been also affecting Keda’s health as he coughs out blood.

Keda finally gets to see the glimpse of his village from some distance. He hurries and reunites eventually with his parents. The parents and the village tribes seem happy seeing him. As the village healer tries to heal Alpha’s wounds, the wolf delivers a pack of little cute pups to Keda’s surprise. In the last scene, it is seen, Keda and Alpha sitting together near a ridge overlooking a sunset with pups wandering nearby.

TM Thoughts:

Alpha is a fantastic and well-directed directed movie. If you love dogs, then you’re likely to love it. So it is recommended for you. The story was written with logic and facts in mind. The plot was simple yet magnificent displaying one of the coldest parts of earth 20,000 years ago. The movie goes at a steady pace but totally acceptable in this case due to the need for detailed depiction. The cinematography was incredible and up to the mark. The visuals were absolutely stunning and will let you absorb totally.