Pioneer of writing pocket romantic books in India, author Ajitabha Bose in exclusive talks with Thousand Miles. He is a Mass communication graduate and born & brought in Jamshedpur. For his higher studies he moved to New Delhi where his first brain child ‘It’s A Love Story’ came into existence. This is a mini novel with a sweet romantic content in it. Mr. Bose has been an avid blogger and also likes creating documentary films. Apart from this, he has written numerous articles and short stories. Some of them include “If Only” and “Yours Forever” which he had edited an anthology named ‘The Untold Love Stories’. Read the interview below as he answers our questions with his own unique style.

Thousand Miles: How the feeling was when you made a national record for smallest love story book entitled ‘The Pocket Love Story (2015)’?

Ajitabha Bose: I have been through a lot of problems while publishing my first pocket book. After it was published, I was approached by numerous record organizations for publishing the smallest love story book in India.

Thousand Miles: Did you expect Shahrukh Khan to respond once you published your book ‘In Love with Shah Rukh Khan? How was the experience getting the response from him?

Ajitabha Bose: I still remember, it was the Delhi launch of In Love With Shahrukh Khan and fan’s trailer had just released two back. In that trailer, Aryan Khanna says to his fan Gaurav, “It’s my life, why should I even give you 5 seconds to you.” Which I quote in the event that, “I don’t want you give me 5 seconds, but atleast tweet about the book if you come to know about it.”

Yes dreams do come true. He tweeted about the book on 9th of March, 2016, 3 days after the launch. It will always remain one of the special moments of my life. Appreciation from your idol is the best thing you can ask for.

Thousand Miles: How is the life after becoming bestselling author in India?

Ajitabha Bose: It’s all the same. Nothing has changed much in my personal life. It’s just that the number of unread messages on social media has increased 10 times and girls now ask for my shirtless pictures. I have no idea, why do they ask so! I am a fat guy.

Thousand Miles: Tell us how do you find the title for your books? Do you need go through some practical life-like experiences every time you write a book and try to name it?

Ajitabha Bose: The title of the book is very important. Readers today, read the tittle and judge a book by its cover. So both are equally important. I tend to name my books with attractive tittles. “The Bestseller” was named out of frustration and curiosity which luckily turned out to become a national bestseller this year. As I believe and say that there is nothing called complete fiction. Every writer uses his/her personal life experiences while writing the story. So do I.

Thousand Miles: How did you come up with the idea of writing pocket romantic books?

Ajitabha Bose: The idea of pocket book came to me when I was traveling back to my hometown in the year 2015. I was reading a novel and there was a girl sitting next to me who was staring at the book. All of a sudden she said,” How do you read such fat books! These fat books are the reason why don’t like reading”. Being an author myself, I was a bit unhappy with the statement. I curiously asked her the reason for the same. She said that she is a college going student and she never had enough time for the course books, leave apart the novels or the story books.

I was totally convinced and that day the idea of pocket book came to me. I spoke to my publisher and they liked it too. I had the idea to write a short story of 6000-7000 words and make the size of the book smaller, as small as a pocket dairy. I published my first pocket book in the year 2015.

Thousand Miles: What are the problems that you faced for finding publisher for your first book?

Ajitabha Bose: It was really difficult to find a publisher for my first pocket book. The idea was new and all the publishing giants refused to publish it. I turned down to self-publishing but I faced the same problem. Everyone said it’s a very risky concept and people may not like it. Finally Author’s Ink Publications agreed to publish my idea. Today there are over 100 pocket books written by different authors and published by different publishers.

Thousand Miles: Which famous person living or dead you would like to meet and why?

Ajitabha Bose: Undoubtedly, Mr. Shahrukh Khan. It’s my dream to meet him and thank him for making my life so wonderful.

Thousand Miles: What are you when you are not writing?

Ajitabha Bose: I am fun loving person who loves eating and trying new dishes in every restaurant I can possibly visit. I am a YouTuber and probably watched almost every video made in India. I own a company which keeps me occupied often.

Thousand Miles: What are the most difficult things about writing characters from the opposite sex?

Ajitabha Bose: I guess, explaining their dresses and makeup things which they apply. I know a few but it’s like 3 out 100.

Thousand Miles: Do you Google yourself?

Ajitabha Bose: I use to do that earlier. Now, my well-wishers keep me informed if they find something new about me on Google.

Thousand Miles: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Ajitabha Bose: I believe in writing for mass and not just for readers. The idea of pocket was to make the non-readers, read a story and I always make sure to keep the language as simple as possible. I am also applying this logic in my first novel.

Thousand Miles: Your thoughts on being featured in ‘Nature’ issue of our magazine ‘Thousand Miles’.

Ajitabha Bose: It’s completely an honor for me to be featured in “Nature” issue of Thousand Miles. I have been closely involved with numerous organizations who work for the betterment of nature and environment. Thank you for this interview.